Trap Montego

Inspired by luxury Italian shoe brand, ‘Clarks’ is the brand new single to come from Dancehall and Afrobeats star Trap Montego.

About all things luxurious, ‘Clarks‘ is also the start of Trap Montego’s record label, 9Keyzz Records. With the aim of using music to enact real social change, Trap Monetego hopes that his uplifting single is going to be a positive start for this new chapter of his life. With its catchy rhythm and melody, ‘Clarks’ is sure to be in your head all day, adding some sunshine and luxury into your life!

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Trap Montego describes himself as a ” CEO, songwriter, dancer, director, producer, recording artist with Reggae vibes, hip hop beats, and a Caribbean heart.” His ambition and drive are certainly evident in his music which he has been releasing since 2012.

Originally from Kingston Jamaica, Trap Montego’s ambition took him to study Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona where he learnt everything from production to film directing, turning him into the fully-fledged artist we see today. Trap Montego also learnt TV production from Roderick Giles from Clarendon entertainment. With spins on both internet and local radio for his hip hop meets reggae style, songs like “I Been There” and “Lottery” have proven to be fire. Trap Montego has recently announced his new record label 9Keyzz Records which he will be using to develop young and fresh talent from around the world.

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