tonto music

London artist T.O.N.T.O will release her new psychadellic Hip-Hop single, To The Edge on 3rd September 2017. 

T.O.N.T.O is a storyteller, therefore, her ability to write lyrics comes naturally. Her newest single started from an idea of a woman being pushed to her very limits, or To The Edge, and was then developed into an introduction to herself with the help of producer Elliott Gonzo. Gonzo helped her to take this track to a new level whilst still maintaining her initial ideas of surrealism and mystery. The final product immerses the listener into a different world altogether.

Her sound is a mix of Hip Hop and electronic with heavy drum beats and a psychedelic swing that pulls along throughout the songs. Being inspired not only by music but also art means that she takes pride in creating visually stunning material to pair with her music. Some artists that she takes inspiration from include Goldfrapp and Lana Del Rey

The support for her music is shown with impressive figures, having 13.1k followers on Instagram and already playing some of the countries biggest venues such as Underworld and Soho House. 

The dramatically dark visuals for To The Edge come in a music video, also directed by Elliott Gonzo, which will be released alongside the single on 3rd September.