tweetwatchA round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets seeing who’s been reaching out to the fans on Twitter. Let the tweets commence!

1.Snakeyman is too busy making moves in his sleep to hear about the latest news.

So word on the street is that osama bin laden is dead?.. Sorry if I’m late, I just woke up (SnakeyManUK)

2.Wait a minute. A Pussycat doll having to run along with her luggage?!

Dropped at the wrong terminal…..had to run with cart and big bags….traveling alone is an Art in itself!!! LOL (KimberlyKWyatt)

3.Someone help Simon Webbe get with the slang, he is too close to becoming a GILF (grandad… you can imagine what comes along next).

Duncan has just said we have been called DILFS nice hah!…Ok people what’s a DILF? (simonwebbe1)

4.No chance of being the rider when you’re in Davinche’s car.

Get in the car. But don’t touch nothin jus sit in the car. (Davinche)

5.Pixie Lott wishes good luck to all the boys and the girls that have got exams going on.

Good Luck in all your exams, you will all do fantastic I know it! Woo x (pixiesongs)

6.Isn’t it wonderful how Ja Rule and Ashanti are still tight.

Just got off the phone wit my Sis @ashanti for about an hour we had A LOT of SOUL searching to do but we found our HEARTS!!! (Ruleyork)

7.Note to Justin Bieber. Never say never to compliments from your mentor’s.

1 of the bestthings about last night was alot of people I look up 2 told me they just saw the movie #NeverSayNever and how much they liked it (justinbieber)

8.David Guetta reaches out to his one love.

Omg nicki minaj is killing it. This video is gonna be sick! (davidguetta)

9.The world hasn’t ended Colby O’Donis, so just dance!

Omg the world has ended… Oh wait no it hasn’t .. Nevermind #haha (Colbyodonis)

10. Alexis Jordan finds happiness in Jackie Jackson’s tweet.

Wow! One Of The Jacksons 🙂 Tweeted Me !! @JackieJackson5 Thank You So Much! Happy That You Are Loving “Happiness” (AlexisJordan)