vv-brown-saiStanding at just under six feet tall, VV Brown’s beauty is almost Amazonian. Having recently been scouted by Select Model Management, VV has already shot for Vogue and walked the runway with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford. However, VV is better known for her credentials as an indie pop singer, not to mention her trademark flattop fringe. At just 26 the singer, songwriter, poet and model is a breath of fresh air. Her music is similar to her style – a retro eclectic mix that is difficult to define. Talking exclusively to Flavour, VV reveals the inspiration behind her new clothing line, meeting Naomi Campbell and why she hates men…

February is the month of love so who would be your ideal date?
Justin from the Hills. The one that was dating Audrina – he was hot!

What is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done?
He took me to Paris as a surprise and we had dinner, we walked around, talked and kissed… Although it was quite romantic, I like things that are a bit simpler and more thoughtful – like if I broke my tooth and it fell out in a restaurant and a year later on our anniversary he had that tooth – to me that’s romance. It’s not difficult to book tickets online.

What do you think are the main differences between men and women in relationships?
Women are more complex because they are more emotional whereas men are more logical. But that’s not a bad thing… As far as relationships are concerned, women are far more willing to look for a commitment. I think subconsciously, from a biological point of view, we are looking for the one person to look after our seeds. Men naturally have this instinct to procreate so their mindset isn’t on one person. It’s generally on many. They are less prone to want to find commitment. If they are ready to settle down you have to catch a man with his light bulb on. You could meet the same man with his light bulb off and the relationship won’t work. That’s how simple men are – it’s like they’re off or they’re on!

How do you think that men and women differ In terms of the music industry? Is there a battle between the sexes?
Since the beginning of time women have been desired. Our sexuality is something that is constantly challenged – we are told that we have to use that in order to sell records. It’s a battle, especially if you are a true artist. It’s like ‘No! I don’t want to be half naked – I want to be a musician just by my music alone.’ Men don’t have the same difficulty.

What do you dislike most about men?
[I dislike] the emotional detachment that men can have and the fact that they don’t really understand women. I mean they try but really they have just been trained not to do something with a particular girl, but as soon as they’ve split up from that girl they are clueless again. Men can naturally have a big ego too.

Anything else…?
Some penises are pretty minging – some look burnt, shrivelled or raw.

Wow! Let it all out VV! Anything you actually like about men?
I like lots of things about men – I’m no lesbian! [laughs] I like the fact that men are natural leaders and logical objective thinkers. They bring the healthy balance. I also like the smell and feel of a man.

You’ve recently been signed to Select Models and have already stomped the runway with none other than Daisy Lowe and Tyson Beckford! What was that experience like? And is Tyson really that hot in the flesh?
Tyson Beckford – he’s not my type! He is shorter than me and he knows he’s hot which is just a turn-off in itself. He was taking his shirt off near me all slow – he may as well just have rubbed his nipples! But it was a very good experience – I was really nervous because I’d never done runway before. It was really interesting to watch Naomi and see her in person – she was very sincere and really sweet which blew out all the rumours I’d heard about her being quite horrible and bitchy.

So aside from your modelling ambitions, what else is in the pipeline for VV?
I’m putting together a collection for 2010 consisting of all the periods throughout history but with a futuristic take on it. I’ve got a comic book coming out – it’s at the printers right now! We’re in talks with publishers to turn it into a graphic novel – and next year I want to pitch it to MTV to turn it into a cartoon series! I’ll also be heading over to America to start work on the second record.

What can we expect from the next album? Any future collaborations?
Will.I.Am is the guy I really want on the second record. I think we would work so well together as he is very quirky like me. I want to make the next record more beat based as opposed to indie-esque and I think he can bring that urban element to it. Akon is another person who would be quite cool to work with!

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