Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have without warning launched the new video for ‘Feeling Myself’ but there’s a catch, in order to watch the sexy new video you will have to subscribe to Tidal.

Well that was until someone uploaded it to Vimeo below…. Enjoy

The playful video see’s the pair in plenty of outfit changes including swimsuits, varsity jerseys, Coachella outtakes, twerking and the two sharing a nice burger, but you won’t be able to watch it via YouTube or Vimeo, sadly.

The video is now available to you for $9.99 from Tidal, because Jay-Z must not really get how the Internet works, or does he? For those unaware of what Tidal even is, it’s the brain child of massive musical influencers like Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Madonna and others that is more or less an expensive streaming app with “better sound quality.” Music heavy weights had banded together in order to make more money as if there aren’t making enough, but joining the Tidal programme and making us the users pay more.

In what seems like and out and out battle with free video services such as youtube and vimeo, Tidal has caused outrage online. However if all the big artist join Tidal and they all make hits, then it will become an online cartel and many of us will have no other option but to sign up for the service.

Is this the beginning of the end of free online music videos?

The phrases “High Fidelity sound quality” and “High Definition music videos” are thrown around in its description. Jay-Z even slammed tech competitors like Apple, YouTube and Spotify during his “B-Sides” concert, a performance of his “rarest” songs exclusively for Tidal.

But, on to the thing we actually care about: Beyonce and Nicki sharing a burger. And just looking hot AF in general.

feeling myself video
feeling myself video 2
feeling myself video 3

Beyonce Knowles wore a Chicago Bulls jersey. It is not the first time that the Houston-born singer has been spotted in NBA merchandise, having previously been seen in Brooklyn Nets clothing and frequently sits courtside with her husband Jay Z throughout the NBA season.

NBA merchandise is available to purchase online from with the Chicago Bulls D-Rose jersey retailing at £50:

feeling myself video 4

Thanks Jay-Z for ruining our fun.