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Even though the wedding dress is an important first step in wedding preparation, another step a bride needs to take seriously is the wedding hair to go with that dress.

There are quite a number of brides hairstyles to choose from, this is why you would need to start early when searching for the right one.

Choosing your wedding look for your big day involves a lot of factors. This includes your style of dress, its neckline, length of your hair and texture. As well as your wedding theme and the overall look you are trying to create. So, if you are going to order a beauty box, be sure to have all of these factors in mind. In the meantime, we have here tips that will guide you if you find yourself unsure of how to do your hair for a wedding.

Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Must Remember

Whether you’re wearing your hair in cascading waves for your wedding, or styling an elegant updo, you will need the right tips to achieve great looking wedding hair. From your dress to your makeup and even the weather, there are certain factors to consider on how to do bridal hair.

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  1. Wedding hairstyles tips

When choosing bridal hair, there are certain things to keep in mind. These numerous factors that need to be in sync for your hair to dazzle. These factors include your wedding dress, the length and texture of your hair, and the weather.

If your wedding dress is flamboyant and sparkly, you might want to consider choosing an elegant but subtle updo. A simple dress would be a good match for a dramatic hairstyle, and if your dress has an open back or low neckline, you might want to let your hair down in curls or a ponytail to show it off.

As for the texture and length of your hair, it would be best to find hairstyles that can work with what you have. However, if the style you’ve chosen requires more length or volume, then consider investing in hair extensions. The weather can also be a huge factor. In cool weather, you can let your hair down. However, if you’re getting married in a hot climate, an updo would be better to avoid discomfort.

  1. Remember to do a trial run ahead of time

After you have gone through the many options online and in apps like Pinterest, it should be time for a trial run. Perhaps you’ve settled on two or three options that would be perfect, however, remember that in practice, they might look different on you. This trial run will help you find the hairstyle that best fits the shape of your face, hair texture, length, and your overall vision for your wedding.

  1. Doing your own hair for your wedding

As a bride, you might have settled on doing your own wedding hair. This would be a great idea if you are good with hair, and have time before the wedding to master the needed techniques. With online videos and tutorials, the most determined brides can make their own hair. So, if you looking for ways to cut costs and not have to bother with hiring a hairstylist, this is one option you can consider.

  1. Don’t get a haircut right before your wedding

It is usually a bad idea to make any drastic changes to your hair right before your wedding because they can go either way. Whether you’re thinking of a big chop or colour change, try to ditch the thought, because you could love it or absolutely hate it and there would be no going back.

It is advisable, however, to get a light trim in a few weeks before the wedding day, to keep your hair full and healthy. This will be helpful whether you’re choosing to have your wedding hair up or down.

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  1. Have an emergency hair kit

Make sure to have small versions of your hair products on hand for your big day. These can be kept with your maid of honour or your hairstylist is he/she is on-site. A touch up isn’t usually necessary if your hairstylist has done a good job, but it is always better to have these products with you just in case. Items like a hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, dry shampoo and hairspray can all come in handy.

Your wedding hair style is almost as important as your wedding dress, as it completes your look. Whether you are trying on wedding hair style for curly hair, straight or short hair, these tips are sure to come in handy.