mens fashion on tik tok

Want to know what men’s streetwear outfits look like on a £100 budget compared to a £1,000 budget?

Looking for sexy men’s clothing online that highlights your body type? Not sure where to buy fashion clothes for men online for a night out? Just check TikTok. 

With over 2 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok is racking up major views for not only fresh-faced entertainers, but also in-the-know trendsetters. Offering more than just dance videos, this social media app is an endless source for discovering men’s clothing online from new designer drops to styling tips. Now anyone can find the latest fashion clothes for men at online menswear stores like Differio by simply downloading the app and typing in fashion-related tags. 

More importantly, TikTok’s fashion communities are creating a new set of sartorial rules that’s influencing men’s fashion as we know it. Often referred to as “aesthetics” instead of trends, these viral style aesthetics are inspired by various subcultures of music, movies, literature, etc. You can even find men’s trendy clothing tips on how to tap into your own aesthetic if you haven’t found one already. 

Curious to work some of these popular next-gen aesthetics into your own wardrobe? Here are the top trendy men’s clothing styles that TikTok’s fashion cliques are wearing and sharing around the globe.


Naturally, the cottagecore aesthetic grew in popularity during quarantine when everyone was wanderlusting for better days. Even David Beckham embraced the homely pastoral look during lockdown, a look far removed from his typical rotation of sexy clothes for men. Just as it sounds, cottagecore outfits focus on men’s trendy clothing styles heavily influenced by the rural farm lifestyle (also called “farmcore” and “countrycore”).

Romanticizing the pastoral way of life, embracing the cottagecore look means investing in cable-knit sweaters, corduroy pants, tweed blazers, knit vests, and chukka boots. If you’re partial to the cottagecore aesthetic, simply look for country-inspired fashion clothes for men in flowy silhouettes, soft materials, patchwork patterns, and earthy tones. 


If you’re the studious type, then the academia aesthetic might be your cup of tea. The academia aesthetic is a unique blend of preppy and urban clothing for men, taking inspiration from cult favourites, like Harry Potter and Dead Poets Society. Moreover, there are two types of academia aesthetics: light academia and dark academia. Light academia consists of men’s trendy clothing with brighter daytime vibes, and dark academia consists of fashion clothes for men with more evening-ready intensity.

Decoding the academia aesthetic is easy. Simply look for preppy men’s clothing online that resembles classic private-school staples, such as plaid pants, trench coats, solid button-down shirts, turtleneck sweaters, and oxford shoes. You should stick with a neutral colour palette of beige, black, white, and grey. 

Soft Boy

Trendy men’s clothing is no longer limited to only uber-masculine stereotypes. Quite the opposite, the soft boy aesthetic (or “soft boi”) emphasizes the sensitive and artistic vibes of stylish menswear. Although some might conceive this as a gender-fluid look, these outfits aren’t intended to highlight one’s sexual orientation, but rather to celebrate the gentler sides of men that aren’t normally advertised. 

Soft boys are typically dressed in classic-preppy men’s fashion clothes mixed with 90s staples. The look is mellow and muted: wispy hairstyling, loose fits, painted nails, and dangly jewellery. If you need more visual cues, people usually refer to BTS, Harry Styles, and Timothée Chalamet as soft boys. 


Basically an edgier version of soft boys, the e-boy aesthetic takes style cues from the 90s and early 00s, particularly from grunge, anime, emo, and skater subcultures. The “E” in e-boy stands for “electronic” because of the style’s Internet origins. If you need a visual example, just look up rapper Lil Peep, also dubbed the “patron musical saint of e-land” by the New York Post

E-boys are known for wearing trendy men’s clothing that’s a mix of urban streetwear and gothic punk. Usually accompanied by middle-parted hair and black nail polish, you can create the e-boy aesthetic by stocking up on striped long-sleeve t-shirts, chunky-chained accessories, baggy ripped jeans, and military combat boots.