2020 Films brings you another dark depiction in the form of the Second Coming.

Out August 15th, get involved for your chance to bag yourself a free copy of the Second Coming on DVD up for grabs!

The bond between twins is one of the strongest and this independent horror terrifyingly illustrates the threat of messing with one half of a pair, experience the Second Coming.

Julia Reeves plays disturbingly connected twins Lora and Ashley Gerritson who drift apart when each decides to head to forge her own existences. Ashley stays put, content in her job in a local diner whilst Lora heads out to make it big as a city photographer. Both settle into their separate lives until Lora suddenly begins to experience haunting visions of her sister in danger. On Lora’s return, she suspects family man Barry Drake (played by Greg Thompson) may have some answers as her fears are realised – her sister is missing.

Jose Cassella writes and directs this deadly game of cat and mouse, experience the spine-chilling story by answering the question below:

Whats the name of the actress that plays the twins Lora and Ashley Gerritson in the film?

A. Juliet Rivers

B. Julia Reeves

C. Julia Roberts

Send the answer with your name, address and telephone number to: [email protected]