The National Movie Awards pulled in a whole load of A-Listers last night at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Flavour headed down to get a little closer to the stars for you gorgeous readers. Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom among the heavy hitters who turned up for this fledgling ceremony- this is only the third one! Although it’s still new, what makes this award show great is the fact that all categories are voted for by the public. That’s a factor that’ll ensure it goes from strength to strength. After all fans need a little love to, they’re the one’s splashing the cash on tickets and turning movies into box office smashes!


We caught up with Flavours current cover star Noel Clarke who was in his element on the night. Chatting about what makes a good movie Mr Clarke definitely feels it’s down to originality “It needs to be something different that challenges the mind.” He clearly has a lot of love from female fans who couldn’t stop screaming his name on the red carpet. When I asked if there were any female celebs that could make him scream he replied “My wife’s the only woman who can do that!” Awww. He went on to add that he would love to see being nominated at next years NMAs “but that’s up to the fans of course!” Also getting a lot of female attention on the night was Chipmunk. But the Oopsy Daisy rapper swore to us that he’s still single but confessed a secret crush on Cheryl Cole- maybe he’s in with a chance now she’s ditched Ashley? We had a quick chat with comedian Chris Rock who said he hoped Avatar would win something “That movie was let down at the Oscars! Those blue people need more love!” He’s in London promoting his new movie Death At A Funeral, which looks set to be a smash. SATC2 boys Chris Noth and Ron Livingston came out. Livingston who played Jack Berger in the series said he’d love to reprise the role someday “I would definitely do the movie if they made a third and I was asked. But they haven’t tried to bring me back yet- I don’t think Carrie is over the post-it thing!” And neither am I, he broke up with the poor woman on a post-it note!

The cuties from Nanny McPhee hit the red carpet like seasoned pro’s, when I asked who they were looking forward to seeing the girls replied excitedly “the guys from Twilight!” The youngest boy in the bunch said he wanted to see Cheryl Cole but didn’t think she’d be up for marrying him “but I reckon my brother might marry her”- cute!

The sexiest girl on the night had to be Sacha Chang from Streetdance 3D. She rocked an incredibly hot red and gold dress with an insurmountable level of swag! And the hottest piece of man candy was Dominic Cooper who said he was still loving his bromance with James Corden.

Flawless, stars of Streetdance 3D the current UK box office no1- promised that they wouldn’t hang up their dancing shoes just yet “we loved making that movie and will definitely do more but dancing’s our first love!” the guys all looked very dapper in matching suits “Next kindly dressed us tonight” lucky boys, with so many of them to dress that’s one generous gift!

Tom Cruise who won screen icon at the show told us that he’d always loved England and before he made his millions in movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible, London was a dream destination “so being here and winning this award is amazing” The star who has made so many movie lines famous couldn’t choose one as his all time killer line “there are too many- show me the money, need for speed…I love ‘em all!” Major winners on the night included the Twilight franchise which scooped 3 awards; most anticipated movie, Rob Pattinson for best performance (although he was unable to attend which generated a lot of boo’s from the fans but he did say thank you via satellite link) and New Moon for best fantasy. Peter Facinelli who plays Carlisle Cullen on accepting the trio of awards said “Thanks for fancying our films. I’m glad you don’t think they are rubbish. I hope you look forward to us kicking some bad vampire bums,” Harry Potter received a special recognition award and won best family movie. Daniel Radcliff and Emma Thompson were missing Rupert Grint when they collected the movies trophies. Daniel said “Rupert’s sorry he couldn’t be here but he’s unwell.” With the last Harry Potter movie on the horizon the wins were a fitting tribute to the wizard wonders.

The winners include:

* Action/Thriller – Sherlock Holmes

* Family – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

* Fantasy – The Twilight Saga: New Moon

* Most Anticipated Movie of the summer – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

* Breakthrough Movie – The Time Travellers Wife

* Performance of the Year Male/Female – Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga New Moon)

* Special recognition award – Harry Potter

* Screen Icon – Tom Cruise

Words by Mary Bello

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