This week for the final 10 acts, it’s on… On monitoring the papers stories regarding the X Factor contestants I’ve learnt that Wagner Carrilho is passionately women crazy, Cher Lloyd is fragile, Matt Cardle is set to win and Katie Waissel is obsessively fame hungry, after she created a rumour that her and Matt were having a fling together! Easy tigers. As well as this, critics claim that The X Factor is a fix. No, really?!

The theme for the acts to tackle this Saturday is All American Anthems, an exciting concept. A chance for the acts to gain more public support and really give their all. Bring it on – let the fun begin.

Cher Lloyd.
Cher opened the show amazingly, I love her. There’s been some banter and hype in London’s Evening Standard about her being a special case this week, implying that she perhaps somewhat fragile and emotional, as she gets further into the competition. So much so that Cheryl her own mentor has to choose her words wisely and tread carefully around her during rehearsals, not sure if this is true but – Wow Cher! Singing one of my favourite songs this year Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind Part II she ripped up the stage, with her awesome styling, trendy clothes, make up, and very in-season hair style. Loved it.

Louis, ‘You’re singing and you really can sing…you sang and rapped, you’re comfortable on the stage, you could be in the final.’

Simon on the other hand wasn’t too keen. ‘Any other week I would call that an incredible performance but after last week I’m a little bit disappointed. Last week was a hundred percent original, different, this was a little bit copycat I’m not blaming you, all I’m saying is because of the standard of the competition this year, to make the finals, knowing what’s coming up tonight, you’ve got to be more original…your mentor got a little bit lazy tonight.’

Cheryl in defence said, ‘Absolutely not, perfect balance, differing your direction. I want to say a massive thank you to the people who are supporting you out there.’

Mary Byrne.
Borrrrring. Sorry Mary I feel she may be in the bottom two tonight, but I may eat my words she never used to bore me. The melody to her version of There You’ll Be appeared somewhat redundant, I’m disappointed to say. She looked gorgeous tonight. My boyfriend and I turned Channels to check out which movies were on TV tonight during Mary’s performance, hoping that by the time we turned back she had finished! Cold I know. Louis we blame you, not a fabulous song choice but um gorgeous dress.

Dannii, ‘What’s really interesting tonight is that we’re down to the top ten and you see what it means to every contestant. I think tonight for whatever reason you didn’t feel like you were inside the zone, people absolutely love you and understand the really important thing is the only one who can win this for you is you.’

Cheryl, ‘I agree with Dannii, you seem very emotional and not really yourself…I hope you’re here next week.’

Mary, ‘I’m just not in the zone, not felt in the zone all week, lonely for my daughter, for everything.’

Katie Waissel.
I loved Cheryl’s song selection for Katie this week, Don’t Speak by No Doubt. She looked amazing I loved her styling however the verses to the song were Katie’s typical Marilyn Monroe breathy tone, which we are very much used to. Hope she’s not in the bottom two like last week because judging by the intro footage she took it really hard up against Belle Amie praying that she wasn’t going home. Hey, well if she does she’s always got her recording contract, personal online show, and jazz album to build on.

Louis, ‘What I like about you, you’re a fighter and in the music industry you have to be tough. You work better under pressure that was a brilliant performance, I’d like people to give you a chance and judge you on your vocal ability.’

Dannii, ‘For me I didn’t connect with that, everybody is full of nerves and you perform better on your ‘Save Me’ song.’

Simon, ‘It kind of fell apart in the middle, a little bit of the vocal went, you looked like you were struggling -parts of the performance were brilliant, the staging, the look, the fact you’re not a whinger, you’ve had a couple of tough weeks and you come back battling every time and I think that’s what every recording artist needs.’

Aiden Grimshaw.
After absolutely butchering Michael Jackson’s Thriller, he, for me – some may disagree, gave a little too much intensity to one a wonderful song by Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To You, he needs to calm down on the in-my-own-world closing of the eyes thing a bit. It didn’t have the softness that it needed, but given the fact that he apparently had only 24 hours to learn it I gotta cut him some slack. But Aiden you’re still not off the hook after Thriller! Grr!

Cheryl, ‘I’ve said for the past few weeks, you’re intense and accept that’s a fact that’s I can’t fault your singing.’

Simon, ‘What people don’t know is that song was only put in last night, you only had 24-hours to learn it, and taking that into account I thought that was absolutely brilliant.’

Paige Richardson.
Paige really add some jazzy fun, and entertainment tonight singing a clever mix of two hit songs I’m a Believer and Hey Ya by Outkast. He displayed strong vocals good stage presence. Tonight Louis said he’s like a little Lenny Henry! What?! Lenny Henry? It really was his personal best in the show so far. His high top is so adorable!

Simon, ‘I loved the whole Austin Powers vibe, the two songs, it was without question your best performance, I think you came out here to entertain and you really put on a show, I’m really happy with you tonight Paije.’

Dannii, ‘I love that performance so much, so much fun, the dancers worked brilliantly with you, you had a lot to take on board, that was really good and take the good credit because it’s due.’

Rebeccca Ferguson.
This song is just too gorgeous To Make You Feel My Love by Adele, just like the performance, and just like Rebecca. She looked stunning. Her vocals were amazing, she’s adapts well to her confident stage personality like a professional diva, and then when she’s off stage she’s a Liverpudlian shy timid mother of two.

Dannii, ‘What an amazing performance, you sang with soul, I love listening to you, it’s subtle, passionate, gorgeous, I just love watching you perform.’

Simon, ‘Absolutely fantastic. Seriously fantastic. Louis it’s easy to say she’ll get a recording contract but I do feel with you and you’re confidence and self esteem that you want the public to give you something, to believe in you. With everything that’s happening around the world and in the country at the moment I really feel you’d be the most incredible Ambassador for our country, I really do.’

I don’t know about that Simon, Rebecca’s amazing, but I feel the best Ambassador for the country in terms of X Factor would be Leona Lewis, she’s the best act to emerge from the competition – by far.

Wagner Carrilho.
He was actually flat this week, and he’s not normally, bless him and when is Louis going to finally get his name right? Viva Las Vegas teamed up with the Wonder of You, ended much better than it started! It reminded me of the chapel services in Vegas where you can get married in minutes. His Elvis outfit rocked!

Dannii, ‘There’s a church in Vegas that want you to sing at it. Showgirls, Elvis, a wedding. Not sure what’s next for you, don’t know what to except, the second half was more in tune that first.’

Cheryl, ‘Maybe you could be one of those acts that sings in church, at weddings right?’

Louis, ’You’re still in competition. Second song was really good, you’ve proved to the critics that you can sing, it’s entertainment, it’s fun , cult following please lift your phones now!’

Matt Cardle.
Why was he so close to the bottom two last week, why? But anyway he hasn’t been in the bottom so that’s all that matters. One of my favourite songs again, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is just beautiful. Best performance of the series for me and my boyfriend who agrees? That was just unbelievable.

Louis, ‘Another outstanding performance, the standard is so high tonight, but I think you’ve stolen the show. Every week you sing, but with you it’s all about the voice. An incredible recording voice, you’re the performer everybody has to beat. You’re unstoppable.’

Cheryl, ‘That was absolutely blew me away, that was amazing, I felt every single word you said. It was spine tingling Matt, I totally get it, why you‘re the favourite, beautiful, absolutely beautiful.’

Simon, ‘That was completely and utterly stunning. Just stunning. You know what I was thinking this tonight. I like this group of contestants because I like the attitude, you knew you didn’t get it right last week, you didn’t blame anyone, you acted like a man, nailed the song. Tonight this is the Matt and Rebecca’s show tonight.’

TreyC Cohen.
Simon wrapped up exactly how I feel. She’s missing something. TreyC doesn’t do it for me, she’s a good singer but what else? She needs The X Factor. Am I being harsh?

Simon, ‘Can’t fault the vocal, you wanted to be called a singer, well you are a great singer. Having said that if you have a lion you want it to bite you not like you, that’s what you’re missing, that killer instinct. You need to get in to your head, what you’re missing is passion and you have to believe in yourself.’

Dannii, ‘You do give it your best, you do sing incredibly and I saw a bit of spark back. Not sure of it’s the rock, but I’m not sure that the thread is that runs throughout your songs.’

One Direction.
Simon’s last group do him proud again tonight, and it reminded me of one of my favourite movie Clueless, Were The Kids in America, but apparently not an American Anthem? By Kim Wilde? I didn’t realise. It’s still an American Anthem, who cares it was the best performance for the lads.

Louis, ‘Boys what a brilliant way to end show. Listen everywhere I go the hysteria is growing on this band. You remind me of Take That, Westlife, Boyzone. I loved this but I’m going to have to get out my rule book, Simon the theme was American Anthem week and this song wasn’t even a hit in America. It’s by Kim Wilde who is from London. It’s not an American Anthem. Your mentor is cheating!’

Dannii, ‘It has the word America on it, American cheerleaders, it was great performance, really good. I don’t think it was the best vocal of the night but a great performance, well done.’

Cheryl, ‘That absolutely cheered me up and brightened my night. You’re great kids, I love chatting to you backstage, you’re just normal lads. It was a good song choice Cowell but not it’s not American!’

Simon, ‘You know what guys, when you came out it was like sunshine on a beautiful day and then Louis thundercloud comes along and dribbles on everything. It’s got America in the song title, you got it wrong not me. Without question your best performance by a mile, seriously on the money.’


The results are here.

My prediction for the single elimination this week is, Katie Wassiel purely for the fact that it seems unfair that she’s got this far and already has a recording contract, almost like a head start in the industry. I like the essence of The X Factor literally finding an ordinary person who is an amazing singer, like Matt as a Painter Decorator, or Rebecca a mother. Pulling in the lowest votes either Mary or TreyC.

Simon: ‘Here’s the dilemma – TreyC you are the better singer, Katie you are the more interesting performer.  I’m going to base this on as a viewer who I’d like to see next week.  The person I’m going to send home is TreyC.’

Cheryl ‘I just want to say to both of you, you’re both very talented women.  Thank you for being so gracious and strong up there.  But I’m refusing point blank to send anyone home.’

Dannii, ‘Firstly if I could just say these girls are brilliant singers and I know I’ve given a lot of comments but I hope they’ve been constructive and there’s no cause to boo anyone on this stage.  You both sing better under pressure, the person I’m sending home tonight is Katie.’

Louis, ‘I’ve got to know both girls really well and I love both of them. It’s so, so difficult.  I don’t know whether to go with my head or my heart.  My head says save TreyC my heart says, save Katie.  It’s really, really difficult, Simon.  I’m going to go with my heart, I’m sending home TreyC.’

After Cheryl refused to choose between Katie and TreyC, and rightly so – as she mentors both, TreyC is surprisingly the seventh act to be voted off. Next week my favourite UK boy band perform on the show guess who?



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