I am, as you see me today;

The me of yesterday you do not know…

Today, I’m lost.

In alien territory, completely unfamiliar.

New roads to take; new turnings to make…

Today is a new day,

Today everything seems different

Today is not like yesterday

And I feel as though yesterday cannot help me with what today brings,

So new is today, that I feel unprepared…where did the familiar go?

Yesterday I knew who I was

Yesterday I had no doubt in my mind,

Yesterday I my life was complete

Yesterday I controlled my own destiny

Yesterday the world was my oyster

Life felt so sweet, so good

Yesterday I had no doubt that today would be a good day

Ah…Yesterday; the day that today started!

Today I am forced to abandon yesterday’s thinking

Today I am forced to adapt my behaviour of yesterday,

Today, no-one knows the me of yesterday

They see me as I am today, they think I understand today, they think they know me by today

No-one knows the me of yesterday…but, yesterday has gone…

So what remains is Today – another day to learn more about the me of today

Today I’m learning… I’m learning how to remember yesterday

Today, I’m learning how to bring back life to the me of yesterday, so that tomorrow I will be who I am meant to be.

This is my story and my passion – this is my yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Words by Heathcliff

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