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Flavourmag talks with 23-year-old graduate Crystal Debrah about her debut book ‘What They Don’t Tell You About University’.

The book was inspired by her three years as a student at Queen Mary, London, and it provides all the necessary tools for students to avoid the academic, emotional and financial pitfalls that can await the unprepared student.

Describe yourself in three words.

Significant, teachable, disciplined.

What encouraged you to write your book?

I did badly in my first year, despite working really hard. I worked so hard that my health was affected. After implementing a number of tips, I improved my grades and achieved my desired goal. I want new students to begin their degree with confidence and to make the best of their time at university, as university is costly.

If you could give only one piece of advice to students about to go to university, what would it be?

Determine within yourself from the very beginning to be the best. I say this because your attitude makes or breaks you.

How well do you think being a university student prepared you for the ‘real’ world?

I don’t think the degree itself prepared me, but having the opportunity to join societies and meet new people did. In real life, being a good networker is crucial to your career.

You’ve already written a book and you’re now embarking on a law career – all by the age of 23! What motivates you to be so driven?

I’m only going to live this life once, therefore I want to do as much as I can before I die. Sure, I’ll make mistakes, but I’m more afraid of being average.

Any plans to turn ‘What They Don’t Tell You…’ into a series?

I am seriously considering it!

How did you take to the book writing process?

Writing the book itself was not difficult – marketing and creating awareness has been the most difficult part of the process.

What tips would you give to any aspiring writers out there in Flavour world?

Finish what you start and put all you have into it.

You’re an avid user of visualisation – could you tell us what this is and how key you’d say it’s been to your success?

I wanted to write a book – I pictured the finished product and the possible impact it could have on future undergraduates. I also read a lot of motivational books, which constantly challenges me to think big.

Which people do you look to for inspiration and guidance?

My mother, as she is both logical and practical, Dr Tayo Adeyemi and Alan Sugar.

What does the future hold for Crystal Debrah?

I can be quite spontaneous, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

You can buy Crystal Debrah’s book ‘What They Don’t Tell You About University’ from Amazon now.

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