Yxng BT x Yxng

‘Bando’ is the latest single to come from rap artist Yxng BT collaborating with Yxng Range, whose distinctive voice makes up this solid collaboration, and gives the track it’s memorable chorus.

This track is about lifestyle from the perspective of Yxng BT, highlighting the adversities he has overcome on his journey with music. Yxng BT’s collaborator Yxng Range came to music-making as a form of escape from a dangerous and difficult lifestyle, a story which is evident in the lyrics he brings to the track. With the music video for ‘Bando’ shot in a mansion, we’re talking money, luxury and style!

Recorded in Nine Three Studios in Stoke-on-Trent, ‘Bando’ continues to show Yxng BT as unique and genre-defying. He is mentored by trusted family and friends and after gaining more credibility in 2018, he was asked to perform on some of the biggest stages in the UK, remaining as an independent artist! Listen on apple music