We do not usually write about pranks or Zombie Apocalypse Prank’s for that matter, but we has to ask you the readers whether this prank has gone too far?

Luckily no-one was hurt, but the fear and terror in the unsuspecting commuters eyes and the deep and long screams will make you wonder, ‘what is the moment when a prank has gone too far?’

Maybe the people who got pranked have never seen The Walking Dead or Zombie Land or any of the many other Zombie Apocalypse movies that have been released over the years. What do you think you would do if this happened to you. Bare in mind they used a whole tube station, and a mass set of zombies to create this Zombie Apocalypse Prank. You may think it was real too if it happened to you in Oxford Circus tube station or any other tube station for that matter.

Watch the video below (Unfortunately its a Brazilian video, so it’s not in English) and you will see some of the passengers literally in tears for fear of their lives. What makes it worth is the first few prankees are either own their own or with one of person.

We are still undecided on whether this is funny or slightly painful for us viewers to watch, maybe we will leave that question for you to answer after you have watched the video.

Zombie Apocalypse Prank

We are not actually sure if this funny but… Watch how these Brazilian commuters are literally terrified when they think they are in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE on the subway. Some of these PRANKS go to far. Someone will get hurt one day

Posted by Flavourmag on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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