Dan Osborne has certainly opened up the eyes of a lot of women of late, appearing on our screens in Splash and the only mega hunk to grace The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). With the arrival of his mega adorable son, Teddy the man is proving to big an even bigger hit with his extremely adorable doting dad selfies appearing all over the net.

So let’s take a look at what the fuss is about and why we are following, quite frankly, this god on instragram.

1. Well let’s start this off with an awwwwww. How frigging adorable is he with posing in this selfie with his son. You can’t beat a doting Dad.

2. He’s a big supporter of charity and football.

3. Taking time to chill out for some self grooming isn’t a bad thing, Looks kind of lonely in that bath though.

4. Seriously too adorable, someone sign this guy up for a poster campaign.

5. Are you kidding me, I’m having visions right now of whipped cream and … ooops sorry slightly sidetracked.

6. I want to thank Dan Osborne’s parents right now for creating such a perfect specimen of the human race.

7. Oh wow he actually does wear clothes, who’d have thought, Prefer them on my bedroom floor though.

8. What the…. Someone call an ambulance now I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

9. Still soooooo hot but needed to cool down, Girls I bet your hearts a racing as much as mine right now.

10. Hahahahahahahahaha OK I’m actually done.