We, as people, are forgetful by nature and there are so many things that need to be replaced after a certain interval in our houses.

For some of these objects, it is merely comfort and convenience we will be missing out on, whereas others can be a hygiene or even a safety concern if not replaced at the recommended interval. Here are 5 of the most commonly forgotten items that we are all guilty of forgetting to replace.

Pots, Pans & Containers

Food ware is very important to keep in good condition. For pots and pans, you should be looking to replace every 2-3 years and if you have non-stick items then you should be wary to replace immediately if you notice the non-stick coating coming off. Plastic food containers can be another one and something that’s not well known is that, if scratched, and then used in the microwave it could release harmful toxins.

Fire, Smoke & CO2 Alarms 

This one is essentially important for you and your family’s safety. We all know to check the batteries and change them at least once every six months, but these devices need to be removed and replaced. Every manufacturer will have info on when to replace the device but no matter what you should replace it after 10 years.

Mattress On The Bed

Comfort when sleeping is key, no-one wants to be uncomfortable. But it’s much more than that, there can be so many knock-on negative effects, back pain and posture problems can be created or exacerbated by an old or poor mattress, or lack of sleep can cause poor mental health. Check out these mattress reviews from The Dozy Owl and make sure you get a new mattress of high quality that suits you and be sure to not let your old one get older than 8 years. 

Toothbrush, Cloths, Towels Etc.

There can be a real hygiene concern if you let items like these get old and worn. An old toothbrush can be ineffective and be the cause of poor dental hygiene, no matter how often you brush, and if you’re going to the bother then you will want a cracking smile. Cloths used to clean in the kitchen can be harbouring germs and bacteria if left to get old, dirty and worn and the same can go for towels.


Your dishwasher will usually not stop working once it gets past the point of no return, it’s much more sneaky than that, and it will happen slowly so you barely notice it. At first, you’ll be getting slightly grubby glasses or need to be putting heavily soiled dishes through twice, these are clear signs of an aging dishwasher. It may be the case that filters just need to be cleaned out or a pump is needing to be replaced, so be sure to check these out before spending hundreds on a new machine. But it’s good to know that the expected shelf-life of an average machine should be 10-15 years.

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