graduation-me-and-grandmaI have to say that 2008 was a year full of amazing ups and a great number of lows. I graduated from University which was a major achievement. Receiving that scroll and wearing that cap and gown was a day that I will never ever forget. I can honestly say that I have never felt so proud. I remember practicing my walk in the mirror, I visualised stretching out my hand to accept my reward, smiling at my mum and gran in the gallery, and that is exactly what took place. Hearing the applause in the chapel as I was handed my piece of paper and looking up to see my Mother and Grandmother was the best feeling ever.


2008 was also the year where I entered Miss Flavour and won, the year that I was able to meet with a wide array of positive inspirational people. Individuals who strive to be, do and have more. Men and women who are creating brands broadcasting their talents to the masses. Flavour Magazine has enabled me to let people know about the talents that I possess. As the interview within the current “Trendsetter Issue” by Ahmed Sirour states- I’m more than just a pretty face and body- I also have a brain, and a big brain at that. Being given the opportunity to meet and interview Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from Flavour of Love 2 and Charm School, was such a major boost for me and it made me realise just how rewarding this part of creating a magazine can be.

Interviewing TQ was also an amazing experience. He was so professional and openly answered my questions. He was also understanding when my dictaphone batteries died and I had to start the interview from the beginning. It was truly embarrassing, but TQ reassured me and helped me get back to the task at hand. I hope that when you read both interviews that you all enjoy them.

Thinking back on my Graduation and winning Miss Flavour 08 also made me think of all the wonderful people I have worked with before both these events. I have been modeling for around 2+ years now and in the beginning of this journey I was blessed enough to work with Denise Browne- Creator of the clothing brand “Don’t Judge Me World”. I met Denise at Hackney Empire where I went to compete in the competition “Face Of Touch Magazine” (I later came 2nd in this comp)

Denise told me that I had unique features, a look that she needed for her brand. I was extremely excited. Her clothing  was not only sexy but I could also see myself wearing them in my own day to day life. Weeks later we were shooting at the University of East London, where I got to work with the photographer Jay- D -Will. We shot for over 5 hours, but the results were well worth the time. As a result of meeting Denise, the images from our shoot featured in New Nation, Pride Magazine, The Hook up, Young Voices Magazine and many more online and printed publications. I am really thankful for this opportunity because it fed my passion for fashion and modeling and it was the stepping stone I needed to keep on going.

denise-shoot_296-amazin After this I entered Mahogany Top Model of Colour 2007 where I placed 5th. I always knew however, that I had the potential to win a competition. When I came across details for Miss Flavour 2008- I just had a positive feeling inside, I was pretty optimistic about it and i guess we can all gather that my gut feeling was right.

Since winning Miss Flavour 2008- I have again had the opportunity of working with some amazing photographers-Terry Lee Shield, Saira Awan (Girls your great)

For the front cover of the “Trendsetter Issue” I was able to be photographed by Kosher at Femelle Studios. Now to me this was a major thing because although I had always said that I would arrange a photo-shoot there, I never ever actually got round to it. All I can say was that the shoot was amazing, I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by Veowna Charles at “Dionne Smith Hair and Beauty” Make-up done by Amal (who I worked with before and who is absolutely one of the most talented make-up artists around) and I was interviewed by Ahmed Sirour- who not only is a dab hand with a pen but he also has camera skills-just look at this….. 🙂

pic-ahmed-took-flavour-blog Working with Kosher was such a positive experience because he taught me so much about how to make my self look taller, how to pop my back out lol and overall how to get the best out of each shot. I am absolutely thrilled with the images which were chosen by Flavour for the front cover and for my interview. So far I have been given a great deal of both positive feedback please continue to let me know what you think of it.

I’m pretty excited about what I can achieve this year, more than anything I want to write more, model even more and on top of that I want to bring the focus back onto my acting. Many people have been saying that 2009 is going to be their year. Let’s say instead that every year is our year, let’s live every minute of everyday like it is our last, and use every fibre of our being to work at reaching our goals. Let me end this by bringing your attention to a quote I saw on one of friends myspace pages.

“The sky’s the limit- but why limit yourself?” (Eboni Burrows -Stylist, Model, Writer-her styling and writing work is in the current issue of Flavour)

She is absolutely right, why limit yourself. Things are difficult and we are all going to face adversities, but always keep going, for yourself that really is the least you can do…… I’ll leave it there. 🙂