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With the rise in online shopping and more and more companies using courier services, it is vital that courier services are using the most up to date and efficient technology available to make sure people’s parcels are getting to them as fast as possible.

There have been lots of advancements in this field so if you are thinking of ordering something online or couriering a product yourself, then you need to make sure the courier you use has these capabilities;

Track & Trace

Having the ability to access up to date shipping details quickly and easily means you know what’s happening with your shipment every step of the way and ensures you have peace of mind that your parcel is where it should be. Make sure you use a courier that can offer you tracking capabilities as standard.

TNT has a mobile app that you can use so you no longer have to look for information about your shipments now it comes to you. Enable notifications for the app and they’ll automatically let you know when the status of your shipment changes.

Knowing exactly when your shipments will arrive and how much it will cost allows you to keep your customers happy and your finances in check. Get an instant online quote wherever you are and know exactly how much you’ll be spending.

Special services

Expert solutions with around-the-clock customer support now come as standard so don’t settle for less.

You should be able to tailor each delivery to your specific needs and also be able to ship bulky, fragile and temperature sensitive items at no extra cost or difficulty.

If you are sending important legal documents or medical information, make sure you use trusted services like TNT who can focus on your truly unique logistical needs when others won’t do the job.

Same day deliveries

Same day delivery is no longer the thing of dreams, TNT can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs with their Same Day delivery service.

If you have something that is out of the ordinary like a parcel or letter that requires special handling or extremely urgent shipping, then it can be collected within 60 minutes, and TNT can send your items across the country with their dedicated drivers from as little as 80p per mile.

So if you are thinking of sending a package to a customer, or ordering something for yourself, make sure you use a courier that employs the highest tech services to make sure your package or letter arrives efficiently.

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