in spec before you check

It is important for self-employed individuals to carefully consider any expenditures and assets in order to maximise profit.

One of the best ways to do this is to look at company car options and to see if there is a way to make savings here as buying and running a company car as a self-employed individual can be costly.

Shopping for Used Cars

Of course, one way to do this is to buy a very cheap car in the second-hand market. However, this can be risky as there are many used car scams and fraudulent sellers. Not just this, but as a self-employed individual it is also vital that you have a vehicle which you can rely on and it should also be a stylish yet professional car that you take great pride in.


So, how can you find a reliable, practical and stylish used car without spending a fortune? Auctions are a great place to find cheap yet high-quality used cars and this is where many uninsured vehicles that have been seized by the police end up. There was £94million worth of cars rescued from the scrap heap last year, including a range of stunning supercars.


In addition to auctions, self-employed motorists looking to add to their fleet should also look at reputable used car dealers and private sellers. Buying from a private seller is cheaper, but it can be riskier as this is where there are scams and a lack of consumer protection. It is for this reason that you should always carry out a spec check from CAP HPI before making a purchase.

Spec Check

A spec check will allow you to see beyond the surface of a car and find out universally useful and entirely accurate information about that particular car. In addition to informing you about the automobile and how much it will cost to run, this can also help you to negotiate a fair price for the used car. Additionally, you should always carry out a vehicle history check to avoid used car scams and for peace of mind.

Finding an affordable used car is important for self-employed individuals and a great way to bring down costs so that profit can be maximised. However, it is also vital that you take the time to find a car which will not let you down and turns heads when you are on the roads. Doing so can be tricky, but knowing where to shop and always carrying out checks should help you to find what you are looking for.

image via Samuele Errico Piccarini