…We managed to grab a quick 10 minutes with him to find out what he has in store for us, checkout his interview below.

Hey Anthony how are you?
I’m good looking forward to coming over.

Tell us about your latest single’s ‘Pray For Me’ and ‘Woo’?
‘Woo’ and ‘Pray for me’ is a song that I co-wrote with Babyface, I felt like it was a really strong song. The album ‘Back To Love’ was written because I feel like we get away from real love and I feel like we’re steering away from whats really important in life I want people to be reminded of those things.

“I’m bringing a live performance with no apologies, ima sweat out all y’all curls.”

So you’re coming over to the Indig02 on April 20th, what do you have in store for us?
I’m coming to bring the funk, I’m coming to bring the soul, I’m coming to bring the RnB. I’m bring a live performance with no apologies, ima sweat out all y’all curls.

What are you currently up to, what do you have planned for us in the near future?
I have a label called Mister’s Music, I’m just rounding up the talent I think represents the label and the brand. I want to promote and produce new artists. I’m also working on a Christmas album hopefully it will be done. It will be some original classic stuff, some collaborations also.

What inspires the music that you write and sing?
I think life, real true life really.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?
I would love to co-write with Prince, it would be great, oh and D’Angelo I would love to get in and write with him.

Which one person dead or live would you most like to meet?
Wow, ummm, I’ve meet a lot of people alive soooo, I think Marvin Gaye, I would have general conversation, just enjoy his company.

If Jill Scott, Beyonce and Erykah Badu contacted you who do you choose to call back, text back and ignore?
I would call back Jill, we have a great friendship, I would text Erykah back, I wouldn’t totally ignore Beyonce but I guess by default I would have to ignore her. She’ll probably be too busy anyway, it would probably be someone else calling on her behalf.

Cool, any last words Anthony?
I really appreciate everybody, follow me on Twitter @HamiltonAnthony, say hello to me on Facebook, and get the album for somebody as a gift.

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