Bands and buses go together like chips and gravy, and from Ken Kesey to Seasick Steve this relationship has been the engine of counter-culture, with musicians, artists and writers inspired by epic journeys and heroic travelling partners to create amazing stuff. This partnership is at the heart of Global Cool’s summer festival campaign, which saw their double-decker bus tour travel to Download, Wireless, T in the Park and V Festival, reminding both bands and festival goers alike that taking public transport can be inspirational, great fun and greener, all at the same time.

Over 80 bands, including Pendulum, Keane, James Morrison, Elbow, Florence & The Machine, McFly, Goldie Looking Chain and Enter Shikari have given their support to Global Cool, talking about their greatest tour bus stories, what they listen to on the road, who their fantasy tour bus guests would be (alive, dead or fictional), what their favourite journeys are and their stance on public transport.

The Global Cool Bus has become a moving canvas signed by bands and festival goers (see attached), reflecting the huge amount of support we’ve had – at Download one in 40 people there signed up to the campaign, and by the time we got to V it was one in 25. Here Goldie Looking Chain talk about their experience.