helldateThe 2009 BET awards ceremony is the latest show to take advantage of high-definition quality.

Whilst the awards show commences on Sunday 28th June, Freesat will bring its viewers an exclusive chance to witness the show on Saturday 4th July from 8.00 pm in full HD quality exclusively on the new BET HD channel (142), which will appear to Freesat subscribers from Thursday 2nd July.

Freesat’s Emma Scott said, “Being able to broadcast this year’s BET Awards exclusively on Freesat in HD is a real coup and we hope Freesat viewers will really enjoy watching some of the worlds biggest entertainers like Beyonce and Jay Z with amazing HD picture and sound quality”.

However those that can’t take advantage of HD picture quality will not miss out on viewing, and can watch the awards by tuning in to the BET channel (140) at the same time.

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx will host this year’s BET awards and more information on the awards can be found at BET.

Freesat prices start from:

  • A standard-definition (SD) digital box, currently priced from £44, providing over 140 digital TV channels and services
  • A high-definition (HD) digital box, currently priced from £95, providing over 140 channels, plus the BBC HD channel and the ITV HD channel
  • A freesat+ digital television recorder, currently priced from around £250, allowing viewers to pause, rewind and record up to 200 hours of freesat digital TV
  • An integrated digital TV (IDTV), currently priced from £549, a flat screen television with HD Freesat built in

Words by Richard Ashie