B Mus is the Lewisham emcee that is a true inspiration in every sense of the word. From an initial path that culminated in a prison sentence, BMus has not only forged a new direction but indeed blazed a trail of inspiration. Using that character building prison sentence, BMus began writing lyrics and today his change of attitude sees BMus releasing his first single off his soon to drop album.

‘Go Arder’ is simple UK hip-hop that sends a telling message over a hard beat and catchy chorus. I caught up with him in central London to talk about life and music as an independent.


Who were or are your inspirations in music?
Jay Z, Nas, Bob Marley, Big Narstie, Vybes Cartel, Jah Cure.I’m a great lover of music. I draw inspiration from all music in general regardless of genre.

I know you had some trouble in early life how did that shape your decision to get into music and indeed what was the defining moment?
In a nutshell it taught me that crime does not pay in no way shape or form. I wrote my first rhyme in prison, it gave me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings. I almost use music to work out my life and life in general. My defining moment came while incarcerated, I knew this life was not for me and upon release I was determined to change my life for the better.

How do you think we can deal with the issues in the youth community?

Young people are always going to do things their way, and of course they will make mistakes. As responsible adults the best we can do is make them aware of the pitfalls and obstacles in life. I do this by using my life as an example. It is a modern world and young people have the best technology within their reach. There’s many ways to be successful. With this said, there needs to be an influx of workshops, motivational classes, work schemes to mach our ever changing world.  These youngsters are the future and with the right support and guidance anything is possible.

So music, you have had 1xtra support, have you been pleasantly surprised with the support?
I was pleasantly surprised when I first became aware of the post on the official 1xtra website. I felt like I got a decent amount of support off the back of one video Murder Scene and the debut mix-tape The Art of Story Telling. With that said when it comes to my music I am seldom ever happy, so I am always striving to do better. Once I get one of my tracks play-listed on radio 1xtra I will be truly happy.

Your single Go Arder, what was the inspiration behind the track and why did you choose this as your single?
I was seated in my room, with the backing track on repeat.  At that time in my life nothing was going right and I felt a little depressed. The hook just came to me out of nowhere ‘I just gotta go arder’.  When your back is against the wall, but you know you have to do whatever possible to better your position in life. I talk about my surroundings and give my account of growing up in the local area. Some lines may seem negative, but if you listen closely you’ll realize the message behind the track, which is to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals.

You have your album Long Story Short which is due to drop next year what can we expect and what are the cuts that might be singles?
In my debut album I give an in depth account of my life thus far. My main thing as an artist is to connect with the listener. I want them to feel the emotion in each word I am saying. I’m predominantly a Hip-Hop  artist but being that I’m from the UK, I’m heavily influenced by a  vast array of genres, I dabble with a few of these genres within the  album. The aim is to take you on a journey from start to finish, it’s almost like a visual movie.

How important is it for you to be an independent?
Being independent in this day and age is probably the best way forward. Artists no longer need major backing to develop a vast fan base. We can create a good buzz via the internet and direct street promotion as well as radio etc. The ball is in the artist’s court and I am enjoying every minute of it.

What are the plans for next year?
To consistently release good music and raise my profile and national hype. But I have got a few surprises for you guys so please stay updated.

Go Arder out now.

Long Story Short (released next year).

Words by Semper Azeez-Harris.