Bruno-Mars-Pub-4-Harper-Smith-fBruno Mars is far from new to the music industry – he has been writing songs for years but is now having international success with his music with songs like Billionaire featuring Travis McCoy. He has also produced tracks for our very own X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke, and RnB star Brandy Norwood.

Formally known as Peter Fernandez, Bruno grew up on Hawaii and embraced his musical background and wide range of musical influences, with his mother being a talented vocalist, and father a Latin percussionist.

Watch this space for his solo career to sky-rocket when his amazing debut album drops early next year.

Welcome to the UK. What do you think of the country?
It’s my second visit – the UK’s the best! I love the music scene, I feel like the UK are still big believers of live shows, and going out to see shows and supporting the bands you like. I love the bands out here – everyone’s taking risks and being individuals and I love it.

How was it growing up in Hawaii? Do you travel back often?
I’m recording my album all in California, so I don’t get the chance to go back as much as I would like, but I’m trying to get a show so I can whoopde- whoop down there!

Where did the name Bruno Mars derive from?
I’ve been called Bruno since I can remember, my father gave me that name – it was a wrestler named Bruno Sammartino back in his day and he was a heavyset wrestler. I guess I was a heavyset child and my dad wanted to call me Bruno!

Who have you collaborated with on your new album?
It’s coming to the UK in January. I just did a song with Damian Marley that I’m really excited about, I got Cee-Lo and B.o.B on one song – and that’s about it for now.

Who would you most like to work with that you haven’t already?
I’d like to work with Prince. Just to be in the studio with him and see how he writes and his method.

Do you have a favourite track on your album?
Right now it’s Grenade which I’m hoping is gonna be my second single. This is a different kinda love song – because the woman that I love doesn’t love me back – and I’m basically trying to figure out why, and telling her I would catch a grenade for you – but you wouldn’t do the same…

That sounds good. I love deep love songs.
Bruno Mars can get deep once in a while…

How would you describe your style?
I have so many influences – the truth is I like so many kinds of music and kinda wanna do it all! And that was a kind of a struggle in my beginning of my career because it was so scattered and all over the place. I guess the best way to describe my style is really melody-driven. I’m a big believer in beautiful melodies, nice melodies and strong choruses.

Who would you like to do as well as in the music industry?
I would like to known as a musician and respectful singer. I’m not really a big fan of gossip. I don’t wanna be that kinda of an artist in the tabloids. Hard question. I would say maybe like an Alicia Keys – I wouldn’t mind that. That’s good company!

How would an ideal day be spent when you’re not busy?
I like going to see a movie, that’s my favourite thing to do – going to see a good movie, trying to escape work… I don’t need much, have a nice meal – go watch a movie, maybe watch a show…

Plans for the future?
Hitting the road, and letting the world see me live – that’s my favourite thing to do. Being on stage with my band and having a good time, I really enjoy it. Especially coming back here to the UK and playing some real shows – I’d love to build a nice fan base out here.

The single Just The Way You Are is out October 4

Bruno’s debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans will be released in January 2011

Interview by Kemi Giwa