It feels as if it’s taken longer to arrive than a package off Ebay, but believe it or not it’s now officially October, which means it’s that of the week where we offer you and a friend, the chance to win a pair of tickets to go see the brand new ‘Buried’ at the Odeon cinemas.

Here’s a question, what does an up and coming filmmaker do with a budget of less than $2 million? Well it’s pretty simple he writes a 90-minute story about a man stuck in a box. Director Rodrigo Cortés’s gripping new thriller stars Ryan Reynolds, as Paul Conroy a truck driver who wakes up in a box buried in a desert somewhere in Iraq with about five hours of oxygen remaining.


Whilst that may sound incredibly dramatic and a little claustrophobic especially with Paul, already injured and gagged with his hands tied beneath the surface. He is left with a deadline and a ransom along with a mobile phone as his only way of communication, along with a lighter, and a few other items left by his kidnappers.

Tick. Tick. Tick. So as the clock begins ticking on Paul’s fight for survival we all know, the two scariest things in life are being stranded in an ocean or being buried alive. If you’re planning on going to see ‘Buried’ then expect a few uneasy moments, a lot of heavy breathing and a pretty darn harrowing experience.

But to celebrate the release of ‘Buried’, we’ve once again teamed up with the Odeon cinemas to give you, and a friend the chance to win a pair of tickets to go see the movie. All you’ve got to do is tell us which actress did Ryan Reyonlds, appeared in alongside ‘The Proposal’?

A) Halle Berry

B) Sandra Bullock

C) Alicia Keys

To win email your name, address and contact number to A winner will be chosen at random before the competition closes on 6th October… Good luck!

Release Date: 1/1/10

Genre: Horror, thriller

Certificate: 15

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Samantha Mathis, Robert Paterson, José Luis García Pérez, Stephen Tobolowsky

Director: Rodrigo Cortés

Distributor: Lionsgate

Reviewer: Noel Phillips



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