Nurturing your creative skills can help launch a new career… In spite of the tough times ahead it’s often said that during a recession we begin to use our initiative the most. These troubled economic times are what shake us to move out of our comfort zone and jump onto the entrepreneurial bandwagon as:

Recession = more creativity + an increase in entrepreneurship
So now is the time to ask yourself – do you dream of doing something other than what you’re currently
engaged in? Even if we don’t admit it, I think that we all have something that we secretly aspire to do. Maybe you’re scared of not succeeding or have something or someone standing in your way? Or perhaps you’re not motivated enough to even try. Regardless of your reasons, 2009 is your time to shine and kick down any doors or anyone standing in your way.

Making money from the Internet using your creative talents is highly achievable. It will be a lot of hard work, but if you’re passionate about succeeding, the end result will be worth it. If you’re a film maker, your work can now be seen by the world via You Tube and if viewed by the right people, Sundance and then Hollywood could be your next stop! Budding authors can now self-publish their work on Lulu, artists can upload and sell their music online and designers can get a digital camera, upload their photos and sell their clothing brand worldwide. A website, phone, some stock and a bank account are all you need to keep your start-up costs low and begin trading. Here Flavour gives you some tips on what creative types can do to earn some extra cash:

Getting off to a flying start

In today’s world you don’t even need to start off with a PR or marketing team to launch your product. Just a savvy use of the internet and social networking sites will get you started marketing your brand for free.

Selling stock photos is a good way to make money. You can either sell the rights to allow people to use them individually or you can sell rights based on a monthly subscription fee. The quality of the photo and the content of the picture will vary the amount that you can expect for your work. Upload your work to to make some money.

Finding an audience for your art
If art has always been the subject for you, and you can draw or illustrate – then you can use this to create beautiful and exclusive greeting cards and paintings like Richard Ernest at Handmade greeting cards always give that exclusive personal touch. Jessica Huie at Colorblind Cards found her niche in this area and you too can find yours.

Making your mark in music

With many people out there wanting to be rap, soul, pop or rock superstars or producers, what better way to make money from the internet than from music? You can create music to feature on TV shows, music or video soundtracks as you can submit you songs to music libraries or add it to online music download sites like iTunes and then promote it from your MySpace, Facebook or website to sell it. Most artists today make money from their live performances, so create an online buzz and let the booking roll in.

Video production opportunities
If you have access to a camera and editing facilities and are skilled in video production, you may be able to create movies, promo demonstrations, documentaries, and corporate videos. At first you may have to promote your work for free on your own website or You Tube, but eventually you can start promoting your business, source clients and earn some cash.

Making your talent work for you
Your goal is to find your creative talent and research how you can exploit it to make extra money or to turn it into your full time job. Our talents and abilities are ours to use to support ourselves and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Go and discover yours!

Words by Annika Allen