Kylie cosmetics

The modern world provides tremendous opportunities, and many celebs don’t limit themselves to one activity, having launched their own beauty brands.

If you want to shine bright like a diamond and ensure a solid foundation for restless life, you should do something. As they say, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” So, it is not surprising most celebrities invest money in different fields. People like to watch their lives, so they often show how they apply makeup or what they use for skincare while travelling. Admirers trust their suggestions and are in a hurry to purchase the recommended “remedy” that will help them become at least somehow like their favourites. And some celebrities decide to go further and launch their own beauty brands to allow their fans to get closer to their beauty routine. You can always order essay paper and devote this time to yourself with the following beauty brands.

Kylie Jenner

If your brand gains popularity, it is the right time to come up with the new one. A rare person interested in the beauty industry has never heard about rowdy Kylie Jenner and her cosmetic companies. Thus, the celeb started Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 and Kylie Skin in 2019. The latter is represented as universal skincare that will suit everyone. The star fans are over the moon and write positive feedback on Twitter and Instagram about how this cream has changed their lives. In contrast, other people cannot understand what’s special about a basic cream besides nice pink packaging.

Paris Hilton

Maybe she is not the best actress, but she has turned out to be a good businesswoman. Thus, she tried the water with a Unicorn Mist Rose Water Spray and succeeded. So, she decided to expand her skincare line and include anti-ageing treatments. According to a press release for the new ProD.N.A collection, it is based on “an enzyme working at the DNA level found in a strain of microalgae native to the Mediterranean.” The products contain hyaluronic acid and encapsulated vitamin C. The packaging is made in black and gold shades that correspond to Paris’s image and luxury status.

Miranda Kerr

You might not have known that this beauty launched her brand focused on skincare products in 2009 when it wasn’t mainstream. Her brand is oriented towards maximum naturalness and safety of products. She said that she wanted to develop products that combine the most skin-friendly ingredients that moisturize and nourish. In other words, when she failed to find a suitable cosmetics brand, she decided to launch her own. The model is both the owner of the brand Kora Organics and its face.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Many people admire her makeup and consider it iconic, so it is not surprising that beauty has decided to launch her own brand. She followed the example of her colleague and became the face of her brand, Rose INC. She has included both products for skincare and makeup, and even though their diversity leaves much to be desired, you can use them to repeat the model’s delicate nude makeup. If you are not good at putting on makeup, it is worth getting help writing papers to have more time for mastering the technique.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup line
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup line

Lindsay Ellingson

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel decided to go further and come up with something completely new than ordinary night creams. She has developed a brand that is positioned as “the first quality travel skincare.” The Wander Beauty brand can boast of a wide range of multifunctional care and makeup products that you can easily take while travelling. Their packaging and textures are designed in such a way so you will not have to deal with broken eyeshadows and powders.

Kat Von D

A professional tattoo artist has managed to launch cosmetics that draw the attention of makeup lovers and famous world makeup artists. The brand inspires trust since Kat has developed all products as if for her own cosmetic bag. All brand products are long-lasting, dense, rich, with bright pigmented shades. If you love weightless, minimalistic makeup, you will hardly like it. However, talking about makeup artists, the Kat Von D brand has already achieved cult status.

Eva Mendes

Many people know this beauty as Ryan Gosling’s wife and actress, but they don’t even imagine that she is the Creative Director. An acting career is not a priority for Eva today. She is engaged in the production of cosmetics called Circa Beauty. She was inspired by old Hollywood’s classic makeup: red lipsticks, arrows, and voluminous lashes for the debut Circa collection. She said that her origin affected the niche and development of her cosmetics. Thus, she wanted to create makeup products that can be suitable for women of different ethnic groups.

Lady Gaga makeup

Lady Gaga

While people organized flash mobs in the comments of this Oscar-winning singer’s Instagram account, she was busy mastering a new field of activity. As a result, she launched the Haus Laboratories beauty brand. In the announcement, she noted that the last thing the world needs now is another soulless cosmetic manufacturer. That’s why she has put the main emphasis on the environmental friendliness of products.

Salma Hayek

Nuance cosmetics brand specializes in hair products, but the line also includes body and makeup products. The actress says that all products are made according to the old Mexican recipes of her grandma, whom Hayek considers the standard of beauty and good health. For a long time, the actress selected high-quality herbal ingredients for her cosmetics and made sure that the production process did not harm animals and nature.