Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan

Released with Anjum Raza Records, ‘Kali Rain’ is the brand new single to come from renowned singers and performers Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan and Ali Amjad Amanat Ali Khan, who are also brothers and descendants of an illustrious musical family.

Meaning Black and Painful Night, ‘Kali Rain’ is a Pakistani Classical song which dates back hundreds of years and is understood as a Sufi song.

Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan has been performing on stage since the age of 13 and comes from a long line of talented musicians. Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan has been part of various prestigious festivals over the years where he has performed solo as the torch-bearer of Patiala Family.

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Some of the festivals where he has featured include the World Performing Arts Festival, the distinguished All Pakistan Music Conference, and the Punjab Festival among others. Proficient in singing in diverse languages including Bengali, Urdu, and Punjabi, Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan has also appeared on network tv including a variety of talk shows and music shows.

Salman Amjad Amanat Ali Khan is a 10th Generation of Patiala Gharana family of Music, a family which has been contributing continuously in sub-continent music for ten generations.

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