London comedian Eddie Kadi is living at The O2 for a couple of nights and showcasing what the London venue has to offer.  He will be recording his time there in a video blog on and will be visited by a number of celebrity friends including Diversity, N Dubz, Lenny Henry and Richard Blackwood.

Bashy Eddie Smiler O2 3 - LOWUK Artists Bashy and Smiler support UK comedian Eddie Kadi as he camps out at The O2 arena in preparation for his headline show on September 4th.

Eddie Kadi becomes the first black UK comedian to headline at The O2 arena and he’s pulling out all the stops to make sure he’s truly at one with the world class venue.

Eddie says: “Performing at The O2 arena is a huge deal and I want to bring my best, so it’s key I am comfortable with the venue.  I’m not Prince so I couldn’t make it 21 nights but I’m here long enough to really feel at home so I’m ready for the show on September 4th.  My Nando’s loyalty card will definitely get some action over the next couple of days!”

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