SHARE (DAM) offers a platform for UK artists/DJ/labels to promote themselves and their music, whilst keeping in full control of the content.

Mixtapes are usually used by artists or DJs as a free promotional tool to promote upcoming full length albums, shows, concerts and anything else that they have in the works. In a highly competitive market where artists profiles can drop dramatically without consistent product releases, mixtapes can provide a way to keep a buzz going while in between projects.

DAM is just that place where artists can upload mixtapes and music, and their content can be downloaded by their fans for free, creating a community amongst fans and artists in which discussion is facilitated and encouraged. Weekly charts will let the industry and the fans know exactly who has the biggest buzz and who’s creating the best music in the UK.

The UK has a great deal of musical talent just waiting to be promoted, so next time you’re looking for a mixtape remember to DAM IT!