Over the course of five seasons, fans have watched Vanessa and Angela Simmons grow up before their eyes on “Run’s House.” Now MTV is giving viewers a look at the next step of their lives with the premiere of “Daddy’s Girls” on Sunday 22nd March on MTV ONE. The new series focuses on the Simmons Sisters as they take a major step toward independence by moving to Los Angeles, finding new friends and working on their already successful apparel line, Pastry.With a long list of ventures ahead of them, the first project for Vanessa and Angela will be to establish a new office for their popular tennis shoe and apparel business. In addition to her work, Vanessa will also tackle the many opportunities the film capital has to offer, as Angela takes viewers on her quest for true love.

As both girls adapt to a totally new way of life that Hollywood brings, they’ll need to remember the important life lessons that their dad, Rev Run has instilled in them. “Daddy’s Girls” also introduces two new faces – Jessica, their east coast cousin and Alycia, their zany new neighbor. Jessica has been relocated to LA to make sure the sisters stay focused on their business responsibilities and stay grounded while partaking in LA’s infamous nightlife. New friend Alycia is hard at work trying to become a major singer while attempting to live the fabulous life of socialite — on a budget.

Tune in to see how Daddy’s Girls flourish in their new found independence. Sundays at 8:30pm from 22nd March on MTV ONE.


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