Photographs Ben Moss

Hi my name is Ben Peter’s and I’m a video Director and CEO of F2R (Film2Remember).
Flavour Magazine asked me to do a director diary of my daily grind when at the shoot for the new video we did for Ghetto’s track Sing for Me.

I wrote down what I did on the day but there really wasn’t that much to write.

Setup shot.
Shoot shot
Setup new shot.
Shoot shot.
Go to lunch etc.

So instead I thought I’d write my diary for the day before the shoot and let you guys into the glamourous life of video making!

Finish last minute changes to call sheet and resend to those that need it.

Wake up since I have to be in East Croydon for 9:30am and I’m currently in north London


I’m standing in the bank in Croydon to withdraw money for the shoot since our company cheque books still haven’t arrived. I need cash to pay for props, gear etc and a top tip for a happy crew on set is to buy food and drink!

Now I’ve journeyed from Surrey to Plumstead, south east London to drop microphone and crystals to my art director Sarah so she can start gluing them to microphone.

Now I’m in Soho, central London buying more crystals for the lips of one of the models and I also buy a chain and Lego heart for another model to wear in video.

I’m back in Woodgreen, north London to collect a van to then go and pick up lighting gear. Here’s another tip if you work in this industry its good to be able to drive.

I reach White City, west London where I collect the lighting gear.

Back in Woodgreen, north London park the van and jump into a friends car.

By now I feel like I’ve journeyed the whole of London and my day still hasn’t finished. I’m now in Collindale, northwest London to collect records for props tomorrow.

Now I’m in Ikea in Wembly buying candles for props for shoot.

I’m now at F2R’S office collecting camera gear and a few more lights.

Back in Woodgreen again where I unload car and unload van and finally reach to bed at 1.30am. A few hours before the shoot.

The shoot day! Check out behind the scenes of the video shoot below.