If the thought of constant profanity, pure filthy sexual language and a nearly naked Zac Efron offends you look away now, get on those running shoes and run for the hills as Dirty Grandpa is full of it.

In Dirty Grandpa, Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) is your straight-laced, preppy lawyer, following in Daddy’s footsteps at his law firm when Granny dies, Supporting his grieving Grandfather Dick (Robert De Niro) at the funeral he is nothing but a rock as his fiancé railroads him over their wedding planning. Dick, with his eagle eye, is taking this all in and decides to hatch a plan. Dick wants to take a road trip and convinces Jason to tag along. Reluctantly Jason agree’s to the dismay of his fiancé with their impending nuptials just around the corner.


Jason soon learns that Grandpa isn’t the man he thought he was, and this is even before they set foot in the car, when he arrives to pick him up and finds Dick unashamedly pleasuring himself while watching a porn film, the hilarity just keeps on coming from this moment on with De Niro proving yet again he is just as at home in a comedy as he is playing the hard man. He has a mouth like a sewer and such a thirst to bed a younger woman which will make any of us grateful that our own grandparents seemed a little n the boring side.

By no means is this a classic movie but certainly one you can get lost in and just have a real good laugh at when you know you shouldn’t. The ladies will love it too, especially when after meeting a couple of girls on the road trip, Dick takes a shine to one and makes it his mission to get down and dirty with her. They end up at what could be mistaken for a frat party, full of girls, alcohol and drugs where we see Jason finally let down his perfectly styled hair and get raving drunk and….. naked! He ends up stealing a motorbike and wakes up on a beach and gets into a very inappropriate incident with a young child which lands him in jail.

In the end after being completely let down on a number of occasions by Dick, Jason returns home to carry on his normal mundane life but Grandpa’s plan worked as he finally realises this isn’t the life he wants. It’s a predictable ending which you will see coming a mile away but will have you reaching for the mouthwash when Grandpa also gets a happy ending too.

Yes, the humour is vulgar and full of schoolboy jokes but coming from De Niro with his credentials of being in the business for 50 years makes it all the more acceptable. All are all aware of how Hollywood is ageist so good on him for be able to still get the work (even if it isn’t the same for older women in the industry). Zac Efron, who isn’t known for his working on great films, performs as you would expect but his good looks, hard body and the chance to use the voice he was blessed with works perfectly for this film. We would, however, would like to see him stretch his acting abilities just a tiny bit more.

Dirty Grandpa is out in UK Cinemas January 29 2016

Dirty Grandpa Review
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dirty-grandpa-review-hilariously-filthy-and-offensive-de-niro-is-the-epitome-of-a-dirty-grandpaDirty Grandpa, which is directed by British Director, Dan Mazer (who is the long term writing partner of Sacha Baron Cohen), is pure filth. If your easily offended it’s not for you but if you’re willing to have an open mind and wish to just get lost for an hour and a half jump on board, you’ll be laughing until you cry.