In anticipation of the England vs. Algeria game, we have mashed up the Brooklyn’s Finest (In Cinemas now) poster to showcase four of England’s star players who will hopefully bring the World Cup back to England. This Friday is not just football. This is war. This is England!

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DON CHEADLE, RICHARD GERE and ETHAN HAWKE are BROOKLYN’S FINEST. This gritty urban thriller follows three doomed New York police officers, each trying to overcome their own demons whilst working in the city’s most dangerous precinct run by ruthless drug-running gangsters.

Detective Salvatore “Sal” Procida (HAWKE), desperate for money to feed and house his rapidly growing family, has started pocketing the money left on the table during drug raids. Deeply religious, he finds that he’s in the bad place of trying to reconcile his misdeeds with his needs. The mold in the walls of his home is making his wife (LILI TAYLOR) ill and endangering the life of his unborn twins. And the down payment on his coveted new, bigger house is past due.

Officer Eddie Dugan (GERE) is a week from retirement after twenty-two years of less-than-exemplary service to the force when he’s assigned to oversee rookies in the tough neighbourhoods. His life in shambles, Eddie is barely hanging on, swilling whiskey in the morning to get out of bed. His only friend is a prostitute he frequents.

Detective Clarence “Tango” Butler (CHEADLE) is an undercover cop working the drug beat. Losing his identity and begging for a promotion and a desk job, he’s finally offered a way out but it means betraying close friend and known gangster, Caz (WESLEY SNIPES).

Eddie, Sal and Tango are never destined to meet until an organised drug raid leads them to the same fatal crime scene.

Brooklyn’s Finest is in cinemas now.