After 10 years in the music industry, Australian RNB/Pop sensation Kirrah has finally gone out from the bushes and has come to the front with full force.

Her latest offering ‘Fallin’ is a beautifully crafted single showcasing her powerful voice. 

We sit down with the hopeless romantic about what she has learnt from being in musicals, what we can expect from her upcoming album and whys she’d love to work with H.E.R. 

You’re a hopeless romantic, what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?

I love surprises which makes me assume everyone loves surprises (laughs) so I’m a sucker for planning surprise birthday dinners, buying unexpected presents or bringing home your favourite treat on the regular. Good luck staying fit when you’re with me!

Could you tell us about your upcoming EP/Album and what we can expect?

I have so many influences and personal experiences bouncing around my brain and this EP is my first outlet of a few of them. Expect an R&B, house, pop, hip-hop and apple crumble coming fresh out the oven.

You’ve been in music for 10 years, what is the one lesson you have learnt?

Never expect things to go to plan – I have had the best and worst things ambush me while I’m on stage and with so many eyes on you, all you can do is act like it was all part of the plan and keep going.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

I’d give an arm to get in the studio with H.E.R and Daniel Caesar, their music is quite different but their vibe is so genuine and true to them, it’s really hard to be you in a world that wants you to be the latest trend. But I’d for sure give both legs to just be in a rehearsal with Queen Bey. Unbeatable.

What does it feel like to release your original songs, in comparison to doing BVs etc?

I’m actually terrified. Supporting someone else’s dream is cool because at the end of the day it’s no skin off your back but releasing your own music means pouring your heart out and risk it being torn apart on a public stage. But I’m such an advocate for wearing your heart on your sleeve so bring it on!

Who is your favourite RNB artist and why?

Obsessed with H.E.R at the moment (clearly), besides her music is like a warm hug to my insides and her vocal gymnastics make me wanna cry, not putting her face all over her brand is such a cool dedication to the music and why she really does it.

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