Showcasing flawless vocals Tiana Troy has emerged into the RNB/Popsphere with her latest single ‘Breathe’.

At only 15-years-old this young, confident singer has risen from the music scene showing no signs of slowing down. ‘Breathe’ is a great introduction single for Tiana as she channels smooth RNB feels of Aaliyah and stand-out vocals similar to Ariana Grande.

We sit down with Tiana to chat about her music, what’s it like creating music whilst still at school and what we can expect from her upcoming EP.

‘Breathe’ is your first single, when did you write it and why?

I wrote my new single ‘Breathe’ a couple months ago. I wrote this song as it shows myself coming out of my shell and me expressing the way I feel in different ways, kind of like a come through! I also wanted my first single to be fun, showcase my voice a bit and something you can move to in some way.

What’s it like doing interviews and still being at school? 

Well, my first interview was very scary, I was really very nervous but in the end, stuffed up a bit, laughed a bit but was a great experience and overall I got it!

What do other students think?

Everybody at school has been extremely supportive in every way and I am so lucky, it could have gone the other way but I am very lucky! Shout out to Paris & Sarah, my besties.

Who are some women in music you look up to?

Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Aaliyah, my mum, my grandma and of course my amazing sister!

Are you working on other projects?

My EP ‘Hooked On Love’ is coming out later this year and hopefully getting out there with more live gigs! Main focus is giving my single ‘Breathe’ as much love and exposure as possible!

You are gaining more and more confident for someone so young, what would be your advice to other young women?

I used to be not that confident with performing to crowds or even individuals, but what hit me was if I want to be a singer I have to start somewhere right? I remember my first time at school I sang for the teachers and there faces dropped like they were amazed as they never knew I could sing like that! My advice to women and young girls my age is that if you really love something go for it and never stop doing the things you love and don’t let anybody stop you or tell you different.

What’s your favourite flavoured ice-cream and why?

Cookies and cream, the cookie chunk is the best part!

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