So here we go again; the Fast and Furious boys are back, and back with a vengeance in this 6th installment in this highly successful series of films. Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) approaches Dominic (Vin Diesel) in a bid to enlist his help with bringing down ex special ops soldier Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his band of especially skilled team of criminal masterminds. In order to win over Dominic, Hobbs presents how Dominic may have a vested interest in this mission. Taking on the mission with his own demands met, Dominic gathers his outcast criminal crew of Brian (Paul Walker), Roman (Tyrese), Tej (Ludacris) and the others to join the forces of good.

Once you’ve seen one Fast and Furious, you’ve seen them all, story lines are a lot to be desired and each installment tells basically the same story but Director, Justin Lin, delivers yet another action packed, fast paced, explosive winner. Full of comedy, with a splattering of emotion, lots of sexy cars, gadgets and computer wizardry, Fast 6 never takes it-self too seriously and doesn’t even attempt to.

Justin Lin has already indicated that Fast 6 is his last, but this franchise sees no end of finishing there as you witness, as the credits start rolling at the end of the film, a little surprise scene pops up on the screen, audiences are advised to stay seated for just a little while longer as the story for Fast 7 unveils itself and low and behold , none other than the very British, action movie king, Jason Statham appears from a wreckage of cars (to the applause of the audience) and introduces himself as the new bad guy for the next film. Another guest appearance comes in the form of Rita Ora, yes Rita Ora, thankfully she only pops up for a short amount of time and given a couple of lines but this is enough to prove she really should just stick to music.

So how does Fast 6 appeal to the masses? Of course, as ever we have breath-taking speeding cars, lots of crazy fighting scenes; most of the best fight scenes are actually by the highly skilled females and exploding planes for the boys and well eye candy in the form of Paul Walker, Tyrese and Luke Evans and lots of muscle for the girls, throw in a lot of comedy it should draw in crowds and add quite considerably to the $409 million dollars the series as a whole has earned thus far.

The acting skills leave a lot to be desired by 90% of the cast but this is no classic film that requires high quality performances, that being said Tyrese’s comedy timing is genius and Luke Evans makes his evil, deranged character extremely believable. What makes this film even more enjoyable is the high adrenaline fused soundtrack, songs by T.I., Deadmau5, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris and more really do add to the fast paced action, it almost makes you want to dance in your seat.

Fast 6 is one of those films you can just lose yourself in for a couple of hours, no thinking entailed and is pure fantastical fantasy, utter entertainment which keeps you sucked in until the very end. Do all roads lead to this for you?



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