The way in which we consume films these days is completely different to say 10 years ago, with the ever advancing world of technology in the different platforms we can access film there really is no excuse to miss out on films you wouldn’t normally take yourself to a cinema to watch.

In fact it doesn’t just stop there, with all these new platforms a whole new world of what we can watch and enjoy (and hate) has opened up to us all. We are no longer dictated to by the larger film companies or distribution outlets in what we have access to, which in turn opens up the doors for many filmmakers to show us what they can do and give them that much-needed foot on the ladder in an extremely tough industry. The internet has become a breeding ground for filmmakers to be able to showcase their work making it a hell of a lot easier to reach potential new audiences who would by any other means not be able to get there work out to the masses with their lack of a budget. It’s down to this we have the pleasure of experiencing the work of some highly talented individuals we wouldn’t have normally been exposed to without it.

Here we take a look at our top 5 up and coming Filmmakers making a difference and worth watching out for;

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca has made quite a few short films that have won her major accolades which include the award-winning Top Girl which had outings at over 30 international film festivals.

2015 see’s her feature debut Honeytrap starring Waterloo Roads Lucien Laviscount and Skins Jessica Sula hit our screens. The films story is smart and emotional and don’t let it essentially being a teen romance put you off. Inspired from true events and set in South London this is one tragic love story.

Leeshon Alexander

Actor, Writer, Producer, there really isn’t much Leeshon can’t do and not excel at it. Why we aren’t all talking more about this man’s talents is beyond me and I for one am I big supporter of his work since watching his feature We Are Monster.

May the 1st see’s the release of this film, which is also available from the 4th of May on VOD, in which he wrote, played the lead double role and produced. It’s based on a true story of the murder of Zahid Mubarek just hours before his release from Feltham Young Offender’s Institute at the racist hands of Robert Stewart. Leeshon certainly wasn’t afraid to cover this story from the outlook of Stewart and gives us a psychological insight of why he turned out the way he did and the shocking ignorance of the British prison system.

We Are Monster Review:

Tom Green

Tom Green is essentially a Director whose short films Brixton 85, which was set during the Brixton Riots of the 80’s and Kid, a story set against illegal immigration in the UK first caught the eye of the industry. Since then he got involved with teen supernatural superhero series Misfits.

In his latest offering Green, turns his hand to write and direct in Monsters: Dark Continent, his first full feature which is a sequel telling the story of an Alien Invasion that has infected the Middle East.

Debbie Tucker Green

Debbie Tucker Green is an Oliver award-winning theatre writer and director who has seen her work on Channel Four’s drama Random win a Bafta, so we can say she has talent.

Her latest work, Second Coming just goes to show how strong her writing abilities are and has attracted an exceptional cast in Idris Elba and Nadine Marshall. Second Coming is about a Black Middle-class family that on the surface may appear happy, struggle to cope with the pregnancy of the wife when it turns out the baby isn’t her husband’s.

Yann Demange

Yann Demange’s background is mainly in commercials and TV dramas one of which is the highly acclaimed Top Boy. It just goes to show our talented filmmakers shouldn’t just be pigeon holed in sticking to one medium.

Last year Demange made his directorial debut with the film 71’ starring Jack O’Connell in this thrilling and suspense filled drama depicting the Northern Irish conflict of the 70’s which is full of powerful acting and great directorial talent.

71’ Film Review:

We have some great British talent emerging right now, what makes these guys filmmakers making a difference is the fact they are aren’t afraid to touch on subjects which would normally get brushed under the carpet. They are true story tellers who know how to connect with what audiences need to see.