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Even if you’re not an Eastender’s devotee everyone must have heard about the controversial Baby Swap story line, if not where have you been? Living under a rock? Ok to get up to speed, on New Years Day Ronnie tragically lost her baby James to cot death; in a moment of madness, she managed to get into the Vic and swap her dead son with Kat & Alfie’s.

This week we see the devastated couple pull together to bury the baby they believe to be their son Tommy.

Will Ronnie’s conscious get the better of her?

For goodness sakes woman give the baby back!!

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Dancing on Ice
The Blades have been sharpened, the glitter is sparkling, and the celebrity line up has been revealed; that must mean one thing, Dancing on Ice is back for another year to pick up the gauntlet in the reality TV stakes.

The highly anticipated show returned to our screens on Sunday evening and wow can Vanilla Ice Dance!

It’s one thing dancing on dry land but this guy was on skates and got to admit he made it look good.

He is definitely one to watch.

On the ladies team Kerry Katona did herself proud,

I think we can safely say this mum may have gone to Iceland, but is on fire in the rink.

Nadia Sawalha and Angela Rippon were the first celebrities to be voted off.

Tune in next Sunday to get your fill of sparkle and glamour.

Celebrities on ice
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The all singing, all dancing high school rejects are back with vengeance. The new school year see’s the glee club determined to win over new recruits in a bid to help them reach the Nationals in New York.

Rachel stoops to an all time low to eradicate her competitor and new student Sunshine Corazon played by the young singing sensation Cherice.

Sue Sylvester gets more than she bargained for when she goes toe to toe with the new football coach.

If you missed it check it out on 4OD and don’t miss next weeks Britney tribute.

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Music Money and Video Honeys

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One word very empowering, NOT!

Are Hip Hop honeys being empowered by their bodies? Err let me get back to you on that one.

More like used and abused but hey we all have to make a living right? And who am I to judge,

every body’s situation is different. It would be to easy to blame the guys and go on about exploitation but the reality is that the girls are more than happy to be in the videos.

I’m quite impressed by this offering from the BBC, casting a light on the realities of music money and video honeys. Did you watch it? Let us know your thoughts.

Missed it? Catch it on BBC iplayer

The Cleveland Show
The Cleveland show is back for a second series.

Mr. Brown meets President Obama and gets shown a thing or two on the court.

Catch it on E4 Tuesday 18th Jan.

Click on below here to  view a clip of the episode.

True Blood
True Blood Season 3 is back on FX. The new season premiers this Friday at 10pm.

Click here for a recap of the past two seasons

Baking Made Easy

baking made easy
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Like cakes? Catch up with Lorraine Pascale as she shares her baking know how on BBC iplayer.

Words by Evelyn Otokito