UK House producer FromLondon has created a distinctive sound for himself which incorporates all of his influences to create his debut EP: R.A.M – Release.Ascend.Maintain.

Whether you’re vibing or chilling, this 5-track EP is all you need to get you by. With plenty soulful, meaningful moments, and for fans of Black Coffee and Atjazz, the R.A.M. EP is a story as well as a musical journey, where FromLondon takes us into his world, one that barely drops under 120BPM but keeps its listeners glued to the dancefloor! Notice the artwork? FromLondon makes references to himself and the ‘Ram’ because as an Aries, he is full of resilience and courage which is exactly what this talented producer relies on while breaking into the music industry!

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Hailing from SE London, Matt ‘FromLondon’ grew up around gospel music and influences from diverse musical tastes, including jazz & soul. Honing his skills at the local community youth club in Peckham, he found the opportunity to understand music production and create music from a range of genres. Fast-forward to today, and FromLondon has collaborated with a range of fellow producers such as Sean 1da (Warner Bros) and Taz (Def Jam). With a keen ear for music, FromLondon learned to play classical violin for several years helping him push his musical knowledge and appetite to explore soul and afro house even more! As a teenager, FromLondon would share his musical aspirations with fellow producer/ childhood friend J.F.L.O.W.S who would both go on to form The AVJ House creative label. Having released a pretty special EP so far, there really is no stopping FromLondon.