Known for her captivating live music shows and music enriched with so much soulful vulnerability and vocal prowess it makes your heart hurt.

Australian future soul artist Inês is our latest obsession. Just recently she released a new EP ‘The Vessel’ which instantly caught our attention. The EP is theatrical, striking and emotionally captivating and we decided that we should interview Inês to get to know her more.

Inês talks to us about the healthy future soul music scene in Australia, how she first started in the music industry and the natural progression of a practising musician.

‘Hands’ is about your partner, is he in the music industry as well?

Yes, he’s a classical guitarist and composer, he also plays drums in a Giggle-core band called ‘Crazy baby boogie banana,’ they are super fun and hilarious. We’ve only really started working together this year, but he helped me write the chords for ‘Lashes’ when we were living in NYC, it’s about us getting together, scandalous yet romantic.

How did you first get into the music industry?

I guess going to a Performing Arts High School you crave hard work and a creative output, when you leave school, you’ve gotta make your own bands and put on your own rehearsals and then I was putting on my own gigs around Sydney (in the early 2000s, and still are) and you just become visible so then people just started booking me for session work and asking me to play gigs or work with them and I met amazing musicians at these sessions or cover gigs and we formed bands and recorded and released music together. It all happens kinda naturally when you are a practising musician.

How is the future soul scene in Sydney? 

I’d say it’s pretty healthy, so many young bands and vocalists, producers coming straight outta high school and blowing me away, they are super savvy to all the social media stuff too so they are already building audiences themselves and killing it. They are brave too, putting themselves out there and coming to jams and jumping up spreading their energy. Keen! I love it, it’s in full bloom.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

I’m already working with so many people I highly admire, I’d be open and keen to work with anyone who was willing to have a hit and create something weird.

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