Glitterfest Zoom Party at your house

The sparkly people over at the Glitterfest have recently launched the Glitterfest Zoom Party and it’s absolutely AMAZING!!!

Taking place on Saturday 16th May at 10pm, you too can join the fun from the comfort of your own home as the DJ’s and entertainers provide you with 3 hours of non-stop fun and excitement.

Put on something sparkly, glitter & gems or whatever you have in your wardrobe! Gather all your mates so that they can party from home too (this event is even better with friends) and party the evening away to the sparkliest party in the world. Wanna see what’s it’s like? Then look no further than the video below:

Get your tickets now from and then follow the instructions on your ticket. It literally only takes 1 min to signup.

Expect dancers, performers and amazing tunes from DJ Kae. Have your drinks ready and let’s get this party started. See you there!