GoldiericksOk, Goldierocks aka Sam Hall epitomises Flavour magazine; young, talented and ambitious in the nicest sense of the word. From her early days grafting as an intern on some of the biggest stations (for free) to now being one of the most wanted and renowned DJs, Goldierocks has achieved all by determination and “ a passion” for everything she does.

Multi talented she has just landed one of the big gigs presenting alongside Mr Midas (already featured in Flavour) and Twin B on 4music’s Boom TV. Hooking up with her down in the North side of town we talked about her career and one Steve Jones being suitably taken by her.

You are a dj, presenter, remixer, promoter, where do you get the time to accommodate your many roles?
I work really hard. I am just really passionate about what I do. I live and breath new music it’s my obsession, it’s my fire and I have wanted to do this for such a long time that I am going to seize the opportunity while it is here and do everything I can.

Your up-bringing was basically quiet by all accounts.
Yes, I grew up in the countryside Surrey Hampshire literally the land of sheep. I moved down to London when I was nineteen and I am twenty five years now.

So how did you go from liking sheep to dj’ing?
Well I was always into bands and music. My parents had a house in Jamaica and we used to spend every summer there. When I was a teenager, I would sneak off to these big reggae sound systems and just soak in the music. It was here that I really learnt about real bass.

I heard that it all started for you at Glastonbury
I was asked to dj at this backstage party at Glastonbury warming up for the Chemical Brothers. It was a last minute thing and I just jumped at the chance. Everyone was in there like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and I just smashed it. The events manager for MTV Europe saw me and said come and DJ at the MTV awards and from there it has just exploded.

I have interviewed Sassi Pandez who is also a female dj, is it difficult as a female dj in a male orientated world?
Yes it is. I am not going to lie that I am sure there are opportunities that I have been given that I would not have got if I was a man and I accept that. But at the same time there has been so much shit that I have had to put up with that you would never put up with as a bloke.

And what about male attention for a blond bombshell, any weird stories?
Yes there have been a few in truth. In Mexico during a set, I was given a letter that was basically a love poem, “I love your golden hair”, “your hair is like a river” and so that was quite amusing.

Talking about male attention I heard a Steve Jones from T4 has his eye on you.
Goldie just laughs so we move on.


Ok, so let’s talk about 4music and the new show
Yes it is a new show called Bomb TV it is essentially an urban music show. We have had Tinchy, Kano, Bashy, Roll Deep .It is every Thursdays on 4TV and then repeated on Kiss TV on Saturdays and I co-present it with Mr Midas and Twin B and it is a really great and fun show to do.

Who is the best to work with then because I have heard Twin B at I Luv Live and he is hilarious at times?
At times he drops some great one-liners but Mr Midas is just high energy all the time. But I am fond of both of them and because we do our own stuff outside of the show it is just a really good vibe that we have.

And is Boom TV likely to become a mainstay?
Well it has been commissioned for twelve shows and it is doing really well and so it is highly likely that they will commission another show but I cannot confirm that.

And what else is going on for you?
Well there are some really exciting projects that maybe coming up for me but I cannot really talk about them.

You know now that you said you cannot talk about them I have to ask you to talk about them?
Ok possibly a really major national radio station is interested in doing something with me but seriously that is all I can say at the moment but in terms of 4Music there will definitely be more projects.

You seem on the verge of major stardom and exposure right now.
At the moment, I am touring the biggest stages I have ever played and just playing everywhere. Tonight I am doing a set at the Vogue model party, then I am going to Malawi in mid October for a festival and then Philippines. Ukraine, Kurdistan I mean it is amazing.

And what about your radio show?
My show Selector is broadcasted around twenty four countries and so I am actually quite well known around now.

You have achieved so much what further aspirations do you have?
I would love to have a national radio show, continue the TV work because I love that and just performing on really big stages because that is what I am really good at big crazy stages where I can perform and really rock it up.

Interview by Semper Azeez-Harris