Hollie Stephenson is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from London who has been developing her song writing skills since the very young age of 12. Not only does the 16 year old have a major lyrical talent but she also has the perfect vocals to match. With vocal techniques and sounds similar 2 the great Amy Winehouse, Hollie is only heading in one direction, success!


With the backing and management of legend Dave Stewart, who has produced for stars such as Aretha Franklin and Joss Stone, the singer-songwriter is heading in all the right directions. With a recent trip to LA and a successful recording stint under her belt, Stewart is now preparing the young singer for her debut album release which is due later this summer.

Stephenson first met the Eurythmics star back when she was only 13. Her music was quickly brought to his attention and Stewart was instantly impressed. He stayed in touch and hooked her up with other muscians to help improve her talents, which resulted in Hollie only getting better and better. He has since described her simply as “the real deal”. Unlike many commercial man made artists now adays, Hollie writes and sings all her own material which is a craft needed more and more to survive in this cut throat business.


“Broken Heartstrings” is Hollies first track to be released via youtube in the form of a lyrics video. The track, which is produced by David Strewert, was only released a few days ago and has already picked up over 10,000 views and counting! “Broken Heartstrings” has a cool Jazz vibe with an up-tempo but mellow beat, perfect for any mood. The track show cases the sick writing skills that the 16 year old has to offer and makes you automatically want to hear more from this rising star.

With an album in the pipeline and plenty more to come from the young up and coming artist, here at Flavourmag, we are sure that you will be seeing her name in lights very soon!

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Words by – Joe Waller
Twitter – @JoeWa113r



  1. I really like her sound. It’s so nice to see a young girl interested in this type of music. I really like her vocal tone. Im looking forward to hearing more from her.

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