impact drivers

Your home garage or workshop is the perfect place to store your tools, it acts as a useful space in which to get jobs done and therefore is a bit of a DIY oasis.

It stands to reason that completing jobs to a high standard involves using the right tools and that includes an impact driver, without which, your power tool arsenal is incomplete. Here we consider why an impact driver is essential for your home garage.

What is an Impact Driver? 

An impact driver is a specialist piece of kit that is designed to make screwing into a range of materials simple, accurate and effective. What sets an impact driver apart from a combi drill driver is the fact that they have a ¼ “ hex shank instead of a chuck and when it comes to screwing this makes all the difference.

Plus, impact drivers have motors that are made to provide huge amounts of torque, whilst still being compact. This means you can get into all those hard to access areas and still have the driving power to sink screws with ease. Additionally, tool review site BestOfMachinery mentioned in their buyer’s guide that impact drivers can use much more power and strength than the average drill can and maintain to do so without being too overwhelming. Impact drivers can direct all their energy into the screw or fastener instead of having too much excess energy that makes it hard to get control of the driver tool

Choosing an Impact Driver

There are a number of top quality manufacturers that make impact drivers such as, Milwaukee, Ryobi and Kielder, all of which are available from SGS Engineering. Choosing the right impact driver for you will depend, to a large degree, on the type of jobs you intend to use it for.

Generally speaking, the bigger the job, the more powerful the impact driver needs to be to handle it well, however, as we mentioned the earlier physical size is also a key consideration.

Other considerations include what kind of bundle you should go for. For example, it may be the case that you just want to purchase an impact driver as a stand-alone tool, but if you plan to use it a lot, then it may make more sense to look for a bundle with spare batteries.

Then, of course, there is the issue of driver sets. These are the driver tips that are required so that you have the right-sized tip for different sized screws and screw types – choosing a bundle with a driver set included can save you a lot of trouble further down the line.

An impact driver is a great upgrade from using a combi drill or even a tradition screwdriver set and so picking one up should be high on the list of priorities for your home garage or workshop.