Armed with an empowering message, ‘Love Can Also Spread’ is the latest single to come from indie electronic artist RDI0.

His latest offering of feel-good 80s inspired dance music reminds us of our power to change the world through kindness. Comparing love to a virus seems especially poignant at this time, where we have seen global displays of community and kindness. Encouraging us to break away from mistrust and spread kindness instead, ‘Love Can Also Spread’ will lift your spirits and share its positive energy.

Seattle based artist RDI0 has been releasing as an independent solo artist since 2019, after spending years honing his craft in various bands. RDI0 blends danceable beats with hooky melodies laid into mixes of real and synthesized instruments. Setting his sound apart from his contemporaries, RDI0 packs instrumentation into his arrangements resulting in densely textured dance music. Pronounced like radio, RDI0’s stage name comes from a fun nickname given to him by a friendly stranger he regularly saw on his commute.

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