indistinct voices over PA

‘Unrest’ is the first instalment of a series of EPs from the mysterious new ambient project known as [indistinct voices over PA]. Four contemplative recordings, ‘Unrest’ explores new forms of storytelling, as each track explores different aesthetics and textures.

‘Unrest’ establishes an original sound signature that merges tidal synth motions, a hypnotic sound design and organic soundscapes in a cinematic experience that explores immersion and timelessness.

A video is expected to drop shortly and was created using real-time graphic processing and recorded in one shot. The music video explores the thin membrane between signal and noise, turning visual memories into evocative still images through extreme time expansion, degradation and organic texture displacement.

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[indistinct voices over PA] emerges from a post-sampling era in electronic music and focuses on the immersive qualities of the listening experience. A mysterious project, the artist behind it leaving their identity aside to let the introspective nature of the compositions take the lead.

An ominous caption reminiscent of our latent streaming habits, [indistinct voices over PA] explores experimental music through various lenses, revealing layers of subtlety we often tend to leave in the background.