Asher Monroe

Meet multi-faceted US singer-songwriter, Asher Monroe, back with his new single ‘Midnight Masquerade

Formerly a member of the Warner Brothers band VFactory, Asher has worked with a variety of talent since becoming a solo artist – collaborating with the likes of Ryan Tedder, Akon, Chris Brown and Sean Kingston, amongst many others.

We chatted to Asher about his new music and life in lockdown.

What inspired you to create ‘Midnight Masquerade’?

Midnight Masquerade is not only the lead single but part of a larger ensemble from my forthcoming album. Each song on the record tells a unique story and ‘Midnight Masquerade’ was a combination of the troubles I saw within myself that I wanted to correct / corrupt leaders in power who show the public a facade of what they want to portray vs who they really are in the inside. The misery that lives within someone who deliberately chooses to do evil will eventually reap what they sow.

What are some influences that help you get into a creative mindset? Do you do anything to get into the ‘zone’?

For me personally, travelling is my best writing tool. Every time I go to a new country or experience a new culture and feed off the energy that’s available in that specific region is when and where I get my best material. The best advice I can give is, be a channel, so whether one is happy, sad, or broken-hearted, channel that energy positively into the music.


You’ve just released your new album ‘Talk with God’.  Is there one track you hope will be a fan favourite?

I kinda predicted the fan favourite although I’m always surprised at how many people gravitate toward different songs. I knew ‘Hollow’ would be at the top of the list

Do you think the pandemic has changed the way artists create?

Most definitely. I think the pandemic has allowed most artists to reach deep within and stop to think a little more about the message they want to convey. Before the pandemic, it was more about mass producing and quantity. People are focusing more on quality now.

 Is this something that was hard to adjust to?

A woman overheard a conversation of mine as I was walking through London about the current political dilemma in America and her response was, “Well you can either be an optimist or a pessimist. “ and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, no-one wants to deal with a lockdown or a crazy President, or be under lock and key from a pandemic. With every situation that’s thrown at us in life that may seem difficult to manage, you have to find a way to take the high road, find the positive and learn from the challenges.

Describe your album in three words?

Well with my most recent album ‘Talk with God’, I’d have to use Spiritual, Empowerment and Redemption. For my forthcoming album ‘Windows of Time“, it would be Intimate, Mature and Rebirth

What track represents your life the most?

On ‘Talk with God’ it would be a song called ‘No Regret’ and on ‘Windows of Time’ I’d say ‘Story of a Bird’.

What’s one thing fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I think they’d be surmised that I’m a newfound father

What would be the theme tune to your life?

‘A Song For You’ – Donny Hathaway

What’s your ultimate goal?

Bringing together the world with music.