Meet the 19-year-old LA residents going under the name of CRITTER

Hailing from Los Angeles, Quinn Barnitt and Jake Weinberg met at college and a couple of days later, CRITTER was born.

If you’re a fan of Best Coast, we think you’ll enjoy CRITTER. We chatted to the duo about their new single ‘PFC‘, dream collaborations and their debut EP ‘Have Safe Be Fun‘ – out soon.

What inspired you to create ‘PFC’?
A judgmental individual and a month full of a lot of pop music listening haha.
Do you have a specific formula when creating a track? Do you do anything to get into the zone?
We definitely don’t have a formula, we just go in every session planning to make our best song yet. 
Listen to ‘PFC’ below.


How would you describe your sound?
Who would be your dream collaboration and why?
CRITTER feat Joni Mitchell & Young Thug
We’re very excited about your debut EP which is coming very soon. What can you tell us about it?
If you want to hear a couple of 20-year-olds sing about gummy vitamins or need a spaghetti western song about car sex, you’re in the right place. 
What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
We grew up 10 minutes away from each other but didn’t meet until college. 
When things return back to normal. What’s one venue you’d love to perform at?
In New Jersey, there is a little venue called the Meatlocker that was relevant in our high school circles— it’s mostly a basement, it has 2 speakers, it’s sticky, you can squeeze like 200 people in there if you really want to. We’d like to return at some point to do some shows there, a little full-circle moment. 
What would be the theme tune to your life?
When You Die by MGMT
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