Franklin Boateng King of trainers

Franklin Boateng a.k.a the “King Of Trainers” talks to Flavourmag about digital marketing, content creation and more.

Hailing from Tottenham and now residing in leafy Enfield, “King Of Trainers” Franklin Boateng has not only been featured on Ted Talks but is also taking on the new app OOOOO which is a live-streaming video commerce platform that helps people earn a living doing what they love.

What’s your age
A real King never reveals his age lol nah I’m 41.

Teacher / Content Creator / Business Owner.

Why you’re an influencer
TBH I kind of stubbled on to it I’ve had a nickname KingOfTrainers since I was a kid and started teaching social media and using my own strategies and my audience and voice grew.

What is the exact place/county/country you’re from: London grew up in North London Tottenham but my heritage is Ghanaian.

What’s your story how you became a content creator: Sam OOOOO founder was in a meeting with my friend and business partner and my friend told Sam I have the perfect person for you to help sell trainers.

Why did you join OOOOO: Simply is a great app and platform. I truly think it’s the future of retail and I like taking chances on new apps first.

What do you like about this app and how is it different than other apps: It’s brilliant I haven’t seen anything like it that actually is a fun way of shopping and getting discounts.

What’s the most money you ever made using OOOOO: tbh I’ve just started but I would say I’ve sold over 100 pairs of Trainers in around 3 weeks nearly £4K in value.

What’s your main source of income: I teach digital marketing and have other businesses but OOOOO will soon become one of the main incomes.

Has COVID-19 effected your business: Not really Zoom is a saviour.

Download the OOOOO app now and follow Franklin Boateng on Instagram and check out his website